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Trustees & Directors

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC) is a civic and social organisation established to improve every area of African Diaspora social and economic mobility. We are an intra connected agency of departments that work across Economics, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media.

We rely on the national leadership of non-executive Directors to create and coordinate national strategy that will be employed by Regional Chapters, headed by Regional Chairs. The national Directors liaise with Trustees to maintain cohesion through cross-cutting themes of the various initiatives being undertaken by ADPAC.


ADPAC Trustees are highly experienced, connected and well respected members of the national African Diaspora capable of establishing and maintaining public confidence and influence. As trustees, the Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer will make national statements representing the African Diaspora population to protect our interests by addressing national institutions.

Role Requirements

The level of communication will include addressing government directly, the civil service and other institutions such as the police, national health service, local authority (on behalf of the Regional Chairs), the department for education and the CPS etc.


Trustees will make monthly short-form videos (3 minute highly effective forms of communication) addressing national ADPAC initiatives that are distributed across all forms of social media and shared with African Diaspora organisations nationally to endorse and support the work they undertake. They also make news and media appearances to comment on high-profile events that have ramifications that affect the national African Diaspora.

Trustees meet on a monthly basis with the National Directors of department to establish national initiatives, discuss coordinating them and how initiatives and projects will be rolled out nationally through Regional Chapters on the ground. The Chair Person, Secretary and Treasurer will coordinate budgetary, operational and logistical elements of project management to assist the national leadership to accomplish seamless delivery by employing AGILE methods.

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