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Why take part in an eligible voter census and who is it for?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

ADPAC are currently establishing how many UK African Diasporan eligible voters there are nationally by borough and county

We can agree that traditionally African Diasporan people have no reason to trust governments with regards to our interests in any of the many countries we find ourselves in internationally. There is usually a historical relationship with slavery and African exploitation that after emancipation has evolved into containment as opposed to equal representation.

Based on these institutionally Afriphobic relationships that we have in many territories where we find ourselves at the bottom of every measurable metric, we've concluded that the only way to reverse this dependent relationship with those we've traditionally had adversarial relationships with is to organise and in order to do that, we need to identify who and where we are.

Britain has a population of 56 million and we need to ascertain how many of us are eligible voters in what boroughs and counties nationally in order to be influential in local authority, Mayoral and national elections in order to gain leverage through political favour for our ability to vote as a block within our socio economic interests.

We must now have clarity that the acquisition of power is not gained by numeric means but by organisational means, which means that unless we as African Diasporans organise ourselves at an institutional level where we can represent our demands through a body, we'll remain in our traditional historic position at the bottom of every measurable metric.

ADPACs mandate is to increase our socio economic footing as African Diasporans by adopting the ADPAC constitution globally, territory by territory and adapting the materials to suite the national territory the chapter is being deployed within (which all lead back to representation at the African Union through the Diaspora Region). As a body we request that you fill in our census to map and quantify our power within the UK territory to uniform our organisational ability and enable our ability to vote as a block.

The current recorded national African Diaspora stats and figures can be seen here

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