Why do we as a people choose to assemble and to spend where we are tolerated rather than celebrated?

Updated: Jun 29

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Part of the consistent African Diasporan indoctrination through our formal education is about socially conditioning us that we are less than, which is why we place little value on what we produce and a high value on whatever they present to us. There is a component of the programming that is about enabling us to seek approval from our adversaries.

This has a number of adverse affects on not only our psyche but also every other area of our lives because our psychological foundations affect every single area of our lives. The fact that we are traditionally at the bottom of every measurable metric (economic, employment and educational, which all contribute to social cohesion) is because we have been wilfully negligent in not creating and deploying psychological reparations.

Our reparations movements seek financial reparations from governments and corporations who were complicit in the human trafficking of Africans which lead to our holocaust and the enrichment of Western governments, families and corporations. Although the enslavement of African people was no longer legal after a period, those who had trafficked us never relinquished their grip on us or stopped their psychological warfare over generations.

Moving forward to 2020 we are presented with the global digital tools to exponentially deliver the psychological reparations through children's, teens and adults educational guided learning programmes. In order to deliver those programmes we must have a freedom of communication via digital outlets, which means we have to own the platforms in order not to be censored by our adversaries because we are closing the information and thereby wealth gap.