Why African Diasporan people need our own owned media

Updated: Jun 29

HMPTV produced Professor Boyce Watkins London economic conference

The media is simply a medium between two parties to convey a message from one to another. The media spectrum is very powerful and has one simple formula which is the authors are deemed authentic, therefore becoming the authorities.

For hundreds of years African Diasporan people had a powerful media influencing cultures around the world and this media is what populates museums worldwide today and shows the world our greatness and our contributions to civilization. From the walls of Egypt, the scripts of Timbuktu and Olmec statues of Mesoamerica these serve as a medium connecting us from the past to the present. With the colonization and enslavement of Africans much of this great history was removed from our minds and we are only now through our scholars and authors and modern tools of communication being able to re tell these histories.

Media can be used benevolently or malevolently, no different than fire but if used incorrectly can have far reaching affects as the black community very well know. Currently our community, as of March 2020, based on our past experiences and interaction with what is referred to, as mainstream media people are very distrustful of governments and media due to being unfairly misrepresented, not only in the printed press but also across most mediums with many recent stories highlighting this fact.

Today during March 2020 we live in fear of Covid 19, which brings me to the title of this piece. Mainstream media has been accused over the past 20 years of creating a climate of fear from 9/11 and the perceived persecution of the Muslim community, to the constant demonization of the public sector, through to Brexit and the increased xenophobia that it has created and now the Chinese are responsible for our current woes. As African people we have been at the forefront continually of racism advocated through the press from muggers in the 80’s to gangs today and a constant biased view presented of our communities wherever we are in the world.