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Who are friends of ADPAC CIC?

Updated: May 25, 2022

Friends of ADPAC CIC have enabled us to establish systems and practical resources through their donations over the course of two years

ADPAC CIC is the conclusion of three years work, that we arrived at for what we as the African & African/Caribbean population require to create structural inclusion for our 2,457,549 population. This conclusion was arrived at after holding a number of public meetings and consultations over the course of three years by the Solution Room think tank.

Our earliest contributors enabled us to create our website, incorporate our CIC and subscribe to a number of services from database tools, email servers, digital marketing tools, set up our bank account and hold early stage events.

It's important for us to remain in contact with grassroots organisations nationally and the African & African/Caribbean population through social media engagement to maintain a clear picture of where we are and aren't as a collective people. It's equally important to us that we are visible and accessible.

Friends of ADPAC CIC can contribute to our ongoing works by using our donation page

We provide financial transparency by publicly presenting our finances through our Income & Impact page. We keep a record of the donors and contributors who enabled us to incorporate on March 24th 2021. It's our intention that Friends of ADPAC CIC are aware of the impact of their support as well as the numbers involved, which is how we intend to grow with the community that supports us.

The initial support has enabled us to arrive at a position where we are ready to deliver contracts through the public sector that specifically benefit the African & African/Caribbean populations of boroughs and counties nationally. This includes training facilitators to deliver all of our programs so that they are modular and scalable.

We have gone through a couple of iterations with regards to our remit and have arrived at structures that support succession plan and scalability by training our leadership in the vein that the African & African/Caribbean population require. Everything within ADPAC CIC structures is based on an eco system.

We provide financial transparency through our Income & Impact page

We recognise that what we desire to collectively accomplish will only happen if and when we adopt common values, principles and practices. The best way for us to contribute to this institutionally is by delivering structured training programs {including video distance learning tools in order to have limitless capacity for delivery} through our specifically trained leadership.

Our Future Leader program is an intensive structured course that includes AGILE project management, business acumen, banking, public speaking, broadcast skills, negotiation skills, sales and writing skills. This will deliver ten fully rounded visionary leaders, socialised to work with each other in sweat equity as alumni.

By investing in young energetic leadership our strategy is to recruit from this pool to manage the raft of projects created to advance the interests of our 2,457,549 population. By holding initiatives such as the African/Caribbean Boys Wellness project, we intend to map and address the needs of our youth to write specific policy, recommendation reports and solution based initiatives to address any and all challenges.

The African/Caribbean Boys Wellness project studies the anxieties, challenges, aspirations and ambitions of African/Caribbean boys and their parents

To sharpen the acumen of our young men, we established the Critical thinkers Club. The aim of the Critical Thinkers Club is to enable our young men by removing any mysteries around their psychology and spirituality, which are currently used against them. We have created versions for 12-16 and 17-20 year olds so they are age appropriate sessions.

Cohorts who take part in the Critical Thinkers Club widen their vocabularies, understanding of the "Black" condition and gain empathy for their peers as the explorative nature of the sessions allows all involved to contribute and debate. An important part of the Critical Thinkers Club is the introduction of spirituality to understand that terms can be articulated through a psychological or spiritual lens and elude to the same phenomenon.

The Critical Thinkers Club is delivered as a six week boot camp and a 10 week program depending on the commissioning clients needs. The beneficiaries receive journals to record their experiences to refer to them in the future as and when they come across challenges or opportunities that the Critical Thinkers Club puts into context.

The Critical Thinkers Club is a six - ten week boot camp for African & African/Caribbean young men between 12-16 and 17-20 respectively

The Schools to Industry Pipeline is a national initiative to aggregate all of the African & African/Caribbean specific child and youth provision that fall into the culturally competent list of services in the STIP map below. From independent schools to alternative educational provision, we desire to establish wrap around care for African & African/Caribbean youth.

This is a culturally competent public health approach that African & African/Caribbean people find more appropriate to our specific needs, based on our experiences with the British structurally racist system. The role of the Schools to Industry Pipeline is to circumvent structural racism to protect our youth who are currently vulnerable.

We are improving and growing our structures to become robust enough to manage the Schools to Industry Pipeline as a national initiative robust enough to serve all of our children and youth. This will eventually include the creation of a proprietary project management tool built to purpose.

The Schools to Industry Pipeline is a culturally competent public health approach

We recognise that if we continue to do the same thing, we will continue to get the same results. Having been in Britain enmass for over 70 years {in this incarnation of Africans being in Britain}, we have negated to establish our own institutions with leadership who work for us because we retained confidence in the structurally Afriphobic racist system.

To address this lack of structural representation we're delivering structured succession plan training. The Future Leader program includes, AGILE project management, business acumen, banking, public speaking, broadcast skills, negotiation skills, sales and writing skills to produce fully rounded visionary leadership who work specifically for our 2,457,549 population.

Bringing together instructors who work at the highest echelons of their industry is an important component of the investment we're making in each Future Leader candidate. We're a civic and social umbrella that require leadership trained to understand and serve our cultural nuances. We are making an intentional investment in personnel, with the agenda of establishing structural inclusion for us.

The Future Leader program is an initiative to create sustainable leadership who work specifically for and on behalf of the 2,457,549 African & African/Caribbean population

ADPAC CIC is working with key EV {Electronic Vehicle} bodies and manufacturers on a recruitment campaign to supply 35,000 African & African/Caribbean personnel for various roles in the emerging industry. Knowing that AI is making a number of traditional employment roles obsolete , we're partnering to create sustainable employment.

This falls in line with recent government legislation that will prohibit the manufacture of fossil fuel vehicles by 2026, however it leaves a huge shortfall of qualified staff in the UK to take on the mantle of producing and maintaining EV stock.

We see this as an industry that we can dominate from the earliest opportunity by recommending it as a viable sustainable employer. We're encouraging our youth to train and gain entry and for older generations to retrain and gain new skills to enter the diverse skills matrix of the EV industry.

We're now seeking to recruit 35K African & African/Caribbean personnel for the EV industry

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