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When will we invest in our systemic function over optics?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I ce Cube used his celebrity and organisational skills to create the 22 page Contract for Black America and presented it to the Republican party to exclusively benefit the African American population

African Diaspora communities world wide have been easy to infiltrate based on our emotional response to matters that require a pragmatic viewpoint. This has been the case much of the time when it comes to our interests and supporting them enmass in order to advance our socio economic position.

We live in a race based global economy that the African Diaspora just aren't competing in and this is detrimental based on the fact that racism is a team sport that connects agencies, strategies and tactics that are designed to undermine African Diaspora interests and keep us in arrested development. This conundrum is perfectly explained by in Walter Rodney's "How Europe underdeveloped Africa".

This week Ice Cube met with the Trump administration to explore and negotiate the Contract with Black America, a 22 page document produced with partners. He did the rounds on Black radio, TV and platforms to make the African American public aware of what he was working on and clearly stated that he would present it to both sides of the house in order to gain social and economic advantages exclusively for the African American population based on leverage.

They Want Ice Cube Cancelled After This Major Incident!

What is that leverage? In times of an election the leverage constituents have is their ability to leverage their voting power and that is the one of our most powerful leveraging points as African Diaspora people hold world wide and should be used as a quid quo pro.

To digress, Ice Cube presented this 22 page contract to both the Republican administration and the Democratic party to explore what either side of the house would commit exclusively for and on behalf of the African American population. The Republicans invited Ice Cube and his team for a conversation and the Democratic party said we'll speak to you after the you after the election, which is a huge assumption based on disrespect.

The African Diaspora garner so little respect from the socalled dominant cultures of nations we inhabit that they address us as an afterthought irrespective of our actual ability to affect outcomes in election outcomes. Only an emotional loyalty that has no place in the political arena would predicate that African Americans should vote for the Democratic party without a quid pro quo relationship and there is none.

Ice Cube’s CWBA Exposes How Joe Biden Really Feels About Black America

The liberal media which doesn't represent the socio economic interests of African American people has attacked Ice Cube as an individual not taking into account that he is part of an effective team and large swathes of the African American community, particularly the influencers have fallen right in line.

As a people we are indoctrinated by their socalled education system which teaches us the formula of fear, obey and conform which is evolved when we leave socalled education to fit in with the capitalist system to fear, obey and consume. We have mainly adopted what they have taught and that affects how we think today.

The fact that we don't uphold, promote and preserve our culture means we don't experience the cultural capital of who we are. That is why we are economically dependent on Europeans who have traditionally been our adversaries and thereby put them in the position to keep their proverbial foot on our necks.

Tamika Mallory & Mysonne On Ice Cube, Voting For Joe Biden, + Get Out the Vote NYC Rally

To bring clarity both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are old European practicing racists. Racism is an act not an ideology and Joe Biden is responsible for the mass incarceration of African Americans for non violent crimes when he and Hillary Clinton presented our children as Super predators. Donald Trump has endorsed indigenous white supremacist groups which has emboldened them and also endorsed the FBI not investigating domestic white supremacist terrorist groups.

This being established neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties have any moral authority over eachother and neither has benefitted African American generations to make socio economic progress. They are the left and right arm of the same body and neither will benefit socalled Black America unless they use what little leverage over them at the time that they have it in order to extract a quid pro quo relationship attached to the exchange of resources.

Many of us would prefer the optics of someone with the influence of Ice Cube outside of the White House with a megaphone making noise for nice sound bites. It is important that we distinguish between tangible benefits and the perceived benefits of optics. It's the difference between pretending to be doing well and actually doing well.

Don Lemon Draws Fire From Ice Cube on Trump-Related Criticism

The political game is devoid of emotion because it's based on the socio economic benefits you can extract from the sitting administration who are the only ones capable of granting our intended desires. Politics is a game but it isn't child's play. We must become more adept to the political game and master what the point of political engagement actually is.

No African Diaspora community socially or financially reward our civic and social pioneering leadership but white supremacy socially and economically reward our treachery, which is why the liberal Black broadcasters and socalled leadership double as shills for the left irrespective of whether there are any socio economic tangles delivered to the wider population as a by-product of this support.

So now we must look critically at the landscape and what is actually happening behind closed doors right now. We must ask what the outcomes we desire look like when we engage politically and why we carry anyone's water and who's interests are being established when we vote and advocate for either party.

Download PDF • 1.21MB

Download the Contract with Black America above

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC) is now actively recruiting expertise to duplicate a similar contract aimed at establishing discourse with the UK government to acquire resources exclusively for and on behalf of the British African Diaspora.

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Please click on the link above to contribute to a similar document

ADPAC Constitution
Download PDF • 437KB

Download the ADPAC constitution above

African Diaspora Public Affairs Committe
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Download the ADPAC manifesto above




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