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What is the structure of ADPAC CIC and what positions are available?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The first Taking the Initiative Party public consultation organised and hosted by ADPAC on 8th October 2019

Firstly what is the African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee and what do we do? Our over all purpose is to improve the British African Diaspora socio economic position and political standing to make us a protected group within the UK, which we currently aren't.

How do we intend to do this? By working across Economics, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media by coordinating the work, collating and distributing information, establishing structures that provide institutional infrastructures that exclusively serve the socio economic interests of the African Diaspora community.

ADPAC is a democratic organisation made up of the trustee executive, national directors of department who manage specific teams (Economics, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media) that coordinate in these areas and assist the Regional Chairs who manage local chapters through specific boroughs and counties (London: Lewisham, Southwark, Lambeth, Croydon, Hackney, Haringey, Enfield, Brent/ Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Leicester and Liverpool).

How do we collectively circumvent the affects of institutional racism?

ADPAC/Access UK Youth engagement most effective practice event held 26th March 2019 funded by Safer London

ADPAC operations

Planned ADPAC London Regional Chapters

ADPAC London Regional Chapter overview
Download P • 889KB

Download ADPAC London Regional Chapter overview above

We are a subscription membership organisation (who vote for the national leadership based on four year terms) that meets monthly through local chapters where we hold beneficial lectures, network, seminars and charitable fund raisers. The meetings are designed to create frequent networking to enable social cohesion and improve our social mobility. Membership is available nationally and is £5 per month to cover staff overheads, operations and saving to purchase commercial freeholds in trust to convert into schools, community centres and chambers of commerce.

Our youth wings role is to close the African Diaspora intergenerational gap and improve youth opportunities through our Schools to Industry Pipeline initiative. Manage Entrepreneurial & Civic leadership program is designed for young men between 16-18 and 18-25 to establish alumni leadership capable of establishing corporations that employ and social enterprise capable of solving peer challenges. We work with the Indaba Conference that shares good practices for African rites of passage providers.

The Schools to Industry Pipeline is designed to connect our national youth engagement practitioners and coordinate them to establish consortiums that provide wrap around care for the African Diaspora Family. The structure is based on an African lens for delivery by utilising a village structure that incorporates education, rites of passage, family intervention, parental training, health, nutrition and wellbeing, student advocacy, therapy, employment training, mentoring and supplementary schools.

The Schools to Industry Pipeline framework

Schools to Industry Pipeline the Public
Download • 6.97MB

Download the Schools to Industry Pipeline framework above

Our constitution and manifesto can be accessed below that outline our structure and ongoing intentions towards the ends of establishing British African Diaspora self determination. We are seeking qualified expertise in each of the areas of engagement who desire to contribute to making us as the British African Diaspora a protected group.

Volunteer here

Delivery Partners

Trustees & Directors

ADPAC Constitution
Download PDF • 437KB

Download the ADPAC Constitution above

African Diaspora Public Affairs Committe
Download • 350KB

Download the ADPAC Manifesto above

ADPAC Operations
Download PDF • 943KB

Download ADPAC Operations above

ADPAC Deputy Chair role
Download PDF • 433KB

Download the ADPAC Deputy Chair role description above

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