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What is the Manage Leadership program?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The Manage Leadership pilot is now being held in the borough of Haringey for 20 African/caribbean young men residents of the borough

Manage is a 26 week leadership program created by Access UK and ADPAC to address the dearth of effective leadership currently produced by the British African/Caribbean community that can work across business and civic leadership.

This structured program entails debating and cognitive problem solving skills, business acumen, martial arts and Tai Chi meditation in the first six week introduction to Manage to create a shift in thinking and physical habits in order to gain new disciplines at once that form habits that can be grown over the 26 weeks.

This introduction is designed for a group of 10 African/Caribbean young men from 16-25 to form a mastermind that by the end of the training can establish an alumni that the participants can rely on for life, having learned the same code of conduct, strategies and tactics to enable them to navigate not only life successfully but business and civic responsibility.

Manage Leadership Hand Book with 10 codes of conduct

The initial introduction has a reading list for debating and cognitive problem solving skills and modules for business studies that will positively enable participants to adopt this information and enable them to utilise it in their lives practically instead of just knowing intellectually.

Manage is a fully funded program put together by Access UK and ADPAC and requires the commitment of time and attention from participants to get the most out of it. The second component is a 12 week one to one purpose unearthing with a life coach to deep dive into removing blocks (emotional, financial and otherwise) and honing in on purpose and how to effectively manifest that.

Each of the participants go through this purpose unearthing alone to become self aware and sharpen their focus on their role. Having this clarity is very powerful and not as common as we may think and after the 12 weeks with life coaches participants are aware of exactly what they are and aren't capable of and how their skills sets fit in to be utilised within and company or organisation.

Unlearning to relearn is a key tenet of Manage Leadership program in order to create full adoption of the correct information to navigate society successfully

The final component of Manage Leadership training is a six week mastermind that teaches the participants exactly to amalgamate their skill sets and collaborate to work within sweat equity partnerships that will enable them to form companies or organisations and effectively work as a board within their respective skill sets.

Soft skills are as important a consideration within Manage Leadership as the practical skills and they all come into play within negotiating, relationship building and public speaking/presenting/pitching. This program is designed to produce a fully actualised leader able to work within a sweat equity partnership to form viable corporate entities that create employment or civic organisations that make an impact on society by solving some social problem.

Manage Leadership is free for participants and is either grant funded or corporately funded via CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs. We frequently speak with professional Black Networks within corporate companies about both mentoring our participants with specific industry sectors and sponsoring the cohorts via their CSR programs.

Peer alumni learning and adopting the same codification is an important component of Manage Leadership program

Manage Leadership is an ongoing program that we are seeking to grow the frequency of delivery in order to benefit as many young men as possible and produce as many effective leaders as we can to contribute to creating sustainable employment by incorporating the kind of businesses that society will need moving forward and have the ability to make a civic contribution based on ethical and compassionate leadership.

We are seeking partnerships with Black professional networks within corporate companies to identify mentors for ongoing development of the young men in specific sectors to increase their understanding and capabilities. Manage is also seeking to tap into CSR (corporate social responsibility ) programs to sponsor young men on the Manage Leadership training program.

To download the current pilot rota click here

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