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What is a "Line to Take" and why do we need one?

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

The Line to Take is a new Free resource for African Diaspora media owners, professionals and influencers

The "Line to Take" Meaning: the approach you want to take when explaining something or dealing with a situation is something we don't have to represent our collective interests. This is clear based on our fragmented messaging by media outlets working in vast silos.

For all of the well meaning intentions around important issues that will critically affect the trajectory of African Diaspora socio-economic mobility, we are still not effective in challenging adverse policies and legislation through a collective narrative.

Think about the collective global messaging around the Corona virus and the "line to take" around the new normal, the adoption of the vaccine and the systematic demonizing of those who chose to abstain from taking the vaccine {Anti-Vaxers}.

The Line to Take launches on 07 February and is Free for African Diaspora media owners

Immediately the media were given a line to take, one being we should all get used to the new normal. We were then subjected to a dictate that told us responsible citizens should take the vaccine as soon as possible. This global directive was issued from the outcome of World Economic Forum meetings and fell in line with their reset timelines.

This is why many world governments adopted their "Build Back Better" rhetoric for a global economic reset that is setting us up to move into the digital dispensation through Central Banking Digital Currencies and digital ID's.

The point of all this is that think tanks employed long before the pandemic took place had already masterminded the media rollout and the daily applied behavioral psychology that would keep us in a constant state of anxiety, which is the ideal situation for us to be primed to adopt.

When we talk about the line to take, this is perfectly demonstrated by media outlets such as TD Hip Hop Media which presents well-researched programming that benefits the socio-economic and political interests of Black America

The World Economic Forum had a conference at Davos that included the orchestration of the aforementioned agenda. This included the rollout of Central Banking Digital Currencies and the digital ID's required to legitimately identify every citizen on earth in the new digital banking system.

This was a huge global conspiracy to control the Covid narrative, which was well funded and coordinated that still underestimated what reactions there would be to answering legitimate questions. This is where public trust broke down in the machine, splitting society into advocates and skeptics.

It's for this reason that we require a centrally organised and curated line to take that is contributed to by our media owners, researchers and social scientists who will form an African Diaspora media think tank that takes note of our global issues and potential solutions.

African Diaspora Media owners, professionals and influencers are invited to subscribe to the Free Line to Take resource to better convey our collective agenda cohesively

The role of the think tank is to provide a strong narrative that is easy for the masses of the global African Diaspora to resonate with so that we can expediently adopt and apply. The idea is to agree, adopt and apply. Once we accomplish this collective endeavor we will distribute the line to take to our media owners, professionals and influencer subscribers.

We require this tool in our arsenal because it collates stats, figures and provides seamless narrative terms that we can globally adopt to convey what collectively benefits us. This is incredibly important in the face of global Afriphobic racism targeted at us on a daily basis, especially when states and media machines are in collusion.

Adopted at an owner level and passed down throughout researchers, journalists and broadcasters, the line to take will save time and align us around a code of conduct that enables us to establish a collective consciousness around socio-economically and politically beneficial initiatives that enable us to circumvent structural racism by applying our own policies.

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