What are the 4Ds of "Black Betterment"

Updated: Jun 29

Swiss the architect of Black Pound Day the most successful collaborative Black commercial initiative in Britain to date

A great demonstration of "Black Betterment" is the Black Pound Day initiative created and facilitated by Swiss. This is an excellent example of timing meeting opportunity with a tireless work ethic and a highly intentional approach. Based on all of the factors successfully colliding, mass adoption was created for an initiative that practices self preservation as a collective.

As a collective community, we have been operating in a wholly inadequate way to achieve socio economic progress. However what Black Pound Day has effectively demonstrated is that when we establish solutions based need when most people are asking what to do next, it is more that probable that the initiative will be widely adopted and successful.

Black Pound Day

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bpdofficial/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/BlackPoundDay/

The Zeze Millz Show: Ft Swiss - “We Need To Change The Way We Think”

Using peer influencers is a great way of communicating our initiatives to the masses. Getting influencer endorsement for community cohesion programs is very important and absolutely vital to establishing mass adoption of any initiative we desire become sustainable.

The 4D Value system created by Rap Raven and adopted by ADPAC

Any socio economic eco system must be based on vales that serve the people as guide lines for how to successfully navigate society. As the African Diaspora we have traditionally remained at the bottom of all measureable metrics irrespective of what continent we find ourselves on as the African Diaspora.

As an institution ADPAC has adopted the 4Ds

Discipline (the practice of training people to follow rules or a code of behaviour, using kind corrective measures to synchronise error prone behaviour) Context: Self control when practising or interacting with people who are discussing, putting forward or representing "Black Betterment" ideas.

Dignity (the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect) Context: Being respectful in appearances and behaviour helps not distract from the messaging and activities of "Black Betterment" promotion honouring commitments to people practising "Black Betterment" will synchronise the act of being honourable with being a "Black Betterer".

Dedication (The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose) Context: understanding that change takes time and upholding a strong commitment to actions that brings about and promotes "Black Betterment".

Discernment (the ability to notice the fine point details, the ability to judge things well or the ability to understand and comprehend something) Context: understanding how people groups gain progress and being aware some practices could be working against progress and using correct information to find solutions is most desirable.

YouTube channel for "Black Betterment": https://www.youtube.com/user/lordraven

The 4D Value system unpacked

Once the British African Diaspora adopt a code that delivers community cohesion because it serves us rather than creating contrived values or initiatives the likelyhood of them being widely adopted is inevitable. Based on the fact that we live in a race based global economy that by and large we are competing in, it is the perfect time for us to mass adopt a set of values that serve our socio economic interests.

We have been under the illusion of inclusion for far too long, until the socalled host nation decide to let us know exactly our place within their country. In order to realise the common rhetoric of self determination we will have to do what we have never done and that is to cut our dependence on our traditional advasaries.

Can we adopt our own crypto currency with the same aggressive approach that we adopted Black Pound Day? As a people, we often know intellectually but raely demonstrate true knowing which is doing. demonstration is the most effective way to show that we know know.

People who have good money practices demonstrate it, they don't speak on it whilst demonstrating the polar extreme. we speak a good game when it comes to family values and spit the rhetoric that Black History should be taught all year round, not just October whilst doing absolutely nothing to effectively deliver it.

The 4D system outlined above can deliver community clarity on what needs to be adopted as a point of code, for example the mass adoption of rites of passage that can deliver strong cultural foundations and deliver community cohesion based on all African/Caribbean children starting off with the same codification and values that serve themselves and their community.

Black Betterment the concept of effective community cohesion

Although this sounds like a very simple system to adopt, we as African Diaspora people have a unique psychology based on being the descendants of slavery or the colonial empire. Some of us are overcoming 15-30 years of indoctrination based on our engagement with the miseducation system that we have been exposed to and continue to expose our children to irrespective of our experience with their socalled edcational institutions.

In order for us to collectievly adopt and live by the values laid out above we will have to drastically change what we are currently doing and engaging with. We must start with where we place our children when it comes to education and the values we expose our children to that will become influential in their later life.

Rites of passage is vital to shift our childrens values from the downward societal spiral they are on in order to deliver them a high cultural self esteem and therefore a superior value of their peers and the value of their collective lives. Manhood Academy have a mantra "I am my Brothers keeper and my Sisters protector". It is hard to state this for 3 years or more and then take a knife and kill your peers for the most vacuous of reasons.

Rites of passage organisations:

Manhood Academy: https://manhoodacademyofficial.com/

Origin HQ: https://originhq.wordpress.com/

WYLA: https://wylauk.com/

MAG: https://www.manhoodacademyglobal.com/

By introducing the 4D Value system at an educational level and through rites of passage we can successfully intergrate the values into our entire community

In order for us to adopt the 4Ds as a lifestyle, we'll have to incorporate them in a highly practical way when we apply them to each of our departments including Education, Economics, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media. When we can accomplish this we can succesfully operate within a self determined eco system.

A conversation on "Black Betterment" can be seen here on rap Ravens show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qthy1LykznA&t=10s

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