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We will only make our children a protected group by taking charge of every part of their education

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The School to Industry Pipeline is an ADPAC CIC initiative for all of our educators and youth engagement practitioners to sign up to and provide the public health approach for our children

The Schools to Industry Pipeline is the African Diaspora response to the public health approach. The public health approach is the provision of wrap around care for our youths from 3-21. ADPAC through our educational department have a curriculum for our children that spans from 3-21 and is entrepreneurial in nature and was created to inform an African lens in order to create the correct mind frame for African Diaspora people to properly prosper anywhere we are within the Diaspora.

This initiative calls on youth engagement professionals and organisations to sign up in order to be compartmentalised and sign posted for the users of the Schools to Industry Pipeline. The Schools to Industry Pipeline entails the collaboration of the Education, Justice, Health, Economics and Employment departments of ADPAC.

Schools to Industry Pipeline overview (download PDF)

As a community we must have the ability to put our hands around our children in order in order to provide everything that they need. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear is well aware that the Western educational curriculums don't work for African Diaspora children. The answer to this challenge is to establish our own educational trust, which we are in the process of doing overseen by our National Director of education Kay Johnston.

The public health approach is about establishing a structured pathway from nursery to industry by coordinating nursery, health provision, educators, rites of passage, mentors, vocational skills, remote learning, family cohesion spaces, international exchange, entrepreneurial incubators, mental health provision, structured leadership programmes and extra curriculum service providers.

Our children are our greatest investment and we are obligated to insure their security in giving them the best start to underwrite their lives

By introducing a digital backend to provide CRM tools to manage projects through grassroots organisations coordinated by ADPAC national leadership we'll create self determination by taking charge of our children's destiny by no longer offering them to the Western so called education system, which has proved to be indoctrination as far as we are concerned and has lead to the stripping of our children's cultural self esteem.

One of the practices we recommend as an institution is the adoption of a fabric of African rites of passage provided by organisations such as Manhood Academy, WYLA and Origin HQ to name a few. Based on our consultations with African Diaspora youth engagement practitioners we've concluded that African rites of passage should be universally adopted by African Diaspora parents to enter our children to deliver a culturally competent grounding that deliver high cultural self esteem.

Schools to Industry Pipeline framework

Our mandate is to establish an eco system of educational resources and personnel, which is fully connected by digital tools that enable us to manage hundreds of projects with thousands of personnel who can centrally share policy, governance, learning materials, project milestones, contract templates, curriculums and sign posted details of delivery partners. ADPAC Educational department work closely with Access UK that provide employment training and opportunities for young people, but have also in recent months started to advise government through the VRU (violence reduction unit) about youth protection policy.

Access UK and ADPAC are now working in alignment through the Schools to Industry Pipeline initiative to establish structured pathways for our children and young people by connecting industry and universities as delivery partners and work closely with them to inform a blue print that enables our children successful strategies and tactics to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

Watch the Schools to Industry Pipeline round table

To sign your organisation up to the Schools to Industry Pipeline: click here

A Village Centered Guidance into Adulthood

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