We now have African Diaspora political representation in 2020

Updated: Apr 3

The British African Diaspora now have two African origin lead parties to represent our interests from 2020

Although 2020 has been a tumultuous year for many, we have not been idol and have taken action to form two political parties in the face of historic and continued adversity. Unlike our US cousins who took time to respond to the Trump presidency to create political representation we responded early on to Boris' regime and formed Taking the Initiative Party and We Matter Party.

This is an important and historic feat because whether we realise it or not, as the British African Diaspora we have always been seen and treated as guests within a host nation. The difference between our US cousins and us is that Britain has always practised a more superior form of racism and mastered benign neglect very early on.

Benign neglect is a policy that decides to ignore problems that exist for a particular population and use the language of conflation to distract from the clear elephant that is only a problem to a particular section. For instance when we address the lack of African/Caribbean proportional representation in any political party they will respond with BAME statistics and women, none of whom are African/Caribbean, have our lived experience, any interest in our historic and ongoing oppression and no desire to establish any solutions to address any of our very real and growing concerns.

The optics of Kier Starmer kneeling were contradicted when he betrayed himself with his true thoughts when questioned by a journalist and asked if BLM was gaining traction and he said "The Black Lives Matter movement is just a moment"

Kier Starmer with regards to race is no different from Joe Biden and has a number of unsatisfied African/Caribbean cabinet members who have been unsupported in their complaints of blatant Afriphobia but instead supported suspending Jeremy Corbyn.

This is why we are clear that African/Caribbean taxation doesn't amount to effective representation. We are aware that our children are targeted in schools for the socalled infraction of wearing their natural hair, which is a demonstration of Afriphobia backed up by local authority and state. We experience social and economic racism whilst employed, in a lack of proportional resources from local authority in boroughs where we make up more than 40% of the local resident population and from over policing that still doesn't protect us from the effects of crime.

How do we address this and give power to the leverage we have but don't use? When we band the term leverage around, we have to understand what it actually means and how we can effectively use it to change our current state. We will only shift our current socio economic state from a place that is recorded at the bottom of every measurable metric to a place which represents true parity through social mobility and the ability to compete when we change how we work.

What is the new "WOW" (way of work) that is required to deliver the socio economic progress we require by utilising our unrecognised leverage.

It will take for us to recognise that within the political landscape we are only valuable to figures within political parties whilst they need us, the question is when do they stop needing us and this is where our understanding needs to become more sophisticated. We represent an unorganised economic force because we have so far failed to establish the correct vehicles that aggregate our finances through a funnel that can be used to represent our interests and address our needs.

This is why "We Matter", not because anyone should have an emotional empathy for us based on the fact that we are equally important fellow human beings, which is a fact but that isn't how politics works. Unfortunately politics is exclusively an economic beast, which based on ones effective organisation and ability to lobby as a force of nature will determine ones outcome. can we say that there is any one body that can effectively aggregate British African Diaspora grassroots organisations, activists, businesses and representatives to deliver our position on any issue on behalf of 3 million British African Diaspora?

That of course at this point is a rhetorical question and based on our acknowledgement of the answer we are now obligated to fulfil that outcome with a firm yes by doing the work to establish this conundrum. The role of ADPAC is to coordinate and aggregate the vast number of British African Diaspora professionals and grassroots organisations and activists to deliver a diverse package of solutions that exclusively benefit our 3 million population within the UK.

Benign neglect is a non-partisan policy that has effectively worked to sideline us and ignore our interests as tax paying British citizens

We must now be completely mercenary about our interests and not allow the two big political parties to finesse us out of our position of clarity by utilising "Black" voices from within their respective institutions to tell us that what is untenable for us is OK and is part of an ongoing process they are dealing with. We are not obligated to accept that our heads are under water and that they will raise us up when they get round to it.

Benign neglect is no longer a policy that we will accept, nor do we have to based on the options that we have afforded ourselves with by establishing two African origin lead political parties. Previously we would only have been of use to any political party at times of election but now that we have our own parties we can use 365 days of the year to build and contribute to growing them to elect them to local authority seats.

The political game is to acquire the power of seats in order to control and direct resources. We are convinced that the game is warm and fuzzy, that ethics and humanity is at the heart of politics when no such ideology is at play. politics is a game but it's not child's play and therefore we must put naive and childish thinking behind us collectively and be a lot more politically shrewd from heron in.

The two party political system works exactly as its displayed above and will never serve our interests until we effectively organise

The success of the ongoing monthly Black Pound Day has demonstrated that we are capable of mass adopting initiatives that benefit us as a community and can now step up collectively to apply the same kind of activity to banking, education, politics, health and housing. it's not selfish to explore an exclusively African Diaspora agenda because nothing that represents 3 million people can be deemed selfish. Whe we are told by non African Daispora people that an exclusive agenda is selfish it's a tactic to trick us out of our position of clarity, which is why we now need to address our agenda at an institutional level.

There is no emotion at the negotiation table and it seems foolish to bring such a concept, which is why non African origin institutions like to deal with us as individuals as opposed to collectively through an institution that effectively represents our interests and is capable of creating parity and extracting what we have never had and never will if we continue on the same road, with the same individual approach we've always used.