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We are in the middle of a global reset or "Restart", what does our version look like?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Cypher J.E.W.E.L.S opening the Birmingham Legacy Centre that saw great economic success with Black Pound Day Birmingham

What is the British African Diaspora economic worth to the UK GDP? Is it because we don't know the answer to this question that we fail to capitalise on the leverage we should have as a collective 3 million population?

Black Pound Day established by Swiss and his effective team has demonstrated both our ability and desire to organise, contribute and adopt initiatives that exclusively benefit the British African Diaspora. We are in the embryonic stages of habit forming around economic practices that rather than supporting the rhetoric of "Boycott", we're coming to understand the invaluable benefits of just consuming everything that we as the British African diaspora produce.

Nothing given can be sustained and we have been dependent on the socalled host nation from our arrival enmass from the Windrush generation, what many of us aren't aware is what the Black nobility established hundreds of years before who were robbed of our birthright. It's time to do a mapping exercise of all African Diaspora economic advocacies and service groups UK wide.

Black Pound Day founder Swiss interviewed by Sky News

We are in the middle of a global reset that has been caused by a chain of events that has challenged the global empire and that power base is now gearing up to establish their "New World Order" where we will see the Bank of England replace sterling with their crypto currency within the next 18 months, Chase Manhattan will do the same with the dollar and this is why they have no concern of the global socialist state they have produced that requires daily quantative easing to keep us all at home and sustained.

None of us are ready or prepared for what that newly formed governance will look like or how it will affect our lives. We have failed to establish collective governance for ourselves and have not adopted one crypto currency to solidify our economic base and give us leverage on a world stage.

We are late to the table but it is imperative that we arrive and sustain our autonomous position able to utilise our own self determined socio economic eco system. We have the businesses and the earning population to sustain ourselves, only not with the socio economic model we've be taught that has been provided by Britain.

Like they Live we must now look out for the distraction tactics that will be deployed to keep us entertained

The roll out has started and to coordinate a cohesive roll out of this scale takes a huge well funded conspiracy with many well positioned delivery partners

Britain is now bankrupt outside of the separate sovereign principality and forewarned is forearmed. How much do we desire to invest in this bankrupt nation where we pay taxes for no representation when we are capable of establishing the same for ourselves inside of common law? The question then becomes about will and the lasting effects of our educational indoctrination and our ability to unlearn and relearn to benefit our own families and interests.

Economics is the foundation of all nations and we must start to think about nation building given our current state within the UK and the fact that we litter the bottom of every measurable metric. As mentioned we are in the middle of a global reset which means we have the unique opportunity to establish parity by creating our own "New World Order" based on good values, a common code of practice and firm ethical economic practices utilising our own crypto currency and banking institutions.

This begins by mapping our businesses nationally and determining their current economic worth but equally as importantly working with all Black business directories and business advocacy organisations and groups to maximise their incomes by signposting and promoting group economics as a culture with ongoing marketing.

The Legacy Centre in Birmingham is an excellent example of what we need to accomplish to establish a self determined economy

African/Caribbean business owners invariably contribute to our community when they are doing well enough to do so; this should include charitable donations to our civic organisations and institutions rather that seeing that capital escape our community in the form taxes that don't represent us.

We as the British African Diaspora must also invest in our "Restart" in exactly the same way as the British and all other world government's are working tirelessly to establish their "New World order". Where are we at a disadvantage?

The systems we are competing against have been establishing this restart for a long time, they control the SWIFT banking system where we hold our capital and they have security measures to monitor everything we currently do within their technological infrastructures, however we have expertise at the highest levels that work in all of the same organisations that are extremely qualified to contribute to our self determined socio economic eco system.

All world governments are now adopting the same "New World" protocols

What will this socio economic eco system look like?

The resources that run any nation must start from our ability to independently provide freedom of economic transactions globally, which can be achieved from crypto wallet to crypto wallet without the permissions of any governing state outside of our own permissions. this is where aligning with the Diaspora Region represented by State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) (the sixth region of the African Union), a virtual region created specifically for us to utilise.

SOAD is where ADPAC connect with directly to solidify our global interests and bolster our trading ability with our fellow African Diaspora globally. They will become a very important factor in our ability to establish online banking outside of our crypto currency in order to trade world wide and engage with other banking systems and currencies.

We require communications security, which may entail our own mobile and devices operating system that would provide much needed employment in the tech sector and afford the growing youth population on the continent to contribute and maintain sustainable employment.

The narrative of this system is that anyone who questions the official version is a conspiracy "theorist"

Food security and our ability to farm, distribute, import and export through to retail where we can purchase from eachother becomes very important. Our own Chambers of commerce must be very robust and rely on digital infrastructures as much as physical spaces in order to disseminate information and long distance learning to keep our businesses at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

We have many of these resources in place already who merely need to maintain frequent communication and collaborate around national initiatives with a unified approach whereby all entities endorse eachother and the bigger joint initiative to establish a culture of national adoption with the ability to consume via our own currency and banking entities.



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