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We are as capable of asserting our voices as we decide

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The power of collaborative short form video can funnel our collective intention behind any campaign as and when we decide

As Malcolm X said "We aren't outnumbered, we're out organised" and our ability to influence mass adoption is not being effectively coordinated. We are many but we are isolated and our silos dampen the impact of what should be a powerful national impact. A lot of this revolves around the understanding that there is no "one".

Institutions understand that compartmentalisation doesn't have to mean a lack of coordination, in fact they are becoming more connected based on the internal project management communication platforms. Our ability to create effectively advocacy lies in our ability to collaborate in a coordinated way. What ties us is our susceptibility to become potential victims or beneficiaries of common initiatives.

If we take the Windrush scandal for instance, our community reacted and were incredibly reliant on those outside of the African/Caribbean population. We have failed to establish what we need because we haven't envisaged needing it. We are currently collectively inadequate because we haven't prepared the insurance for future eventualities.

Media studio project to coordinate African/Caribbean news and short form advocacy videos

This is all that institutional organisations are. Communication is how we galvanise for calls to action designed by strategists and advocates, guided by project managers and built upon by delivery partners nationally as galvanisation grows. What gets measured gets done and when we take a media and influencer audit from our landscape, we'll be able to effectively use them for the collective good.

How do we make an immediate impact to influence the African/Caribbean population for our collective benefit?

In 2021 we have the most sophisticated media tools and practitioners capable of creating high production value shows and short form videos (2'20" videos that can be shared on every social media platform that convey a call to action or advocacy against a community attack) that feature our most influential African/Caribbean personalities.

The #WeMatter campaign is an ongoing short form video campaign that produces the 2'20" videos (shot in the studio against the same background, utilising text to highlight the most salient points conveyed, with themed music to create cohesion) featuring anywhere from 10 to 100 influential African/Caribbean's to either create a collaborative call to action or showing solidarity through advocacy for the same cause.

Our news media delivery partner HMPTV capturing the Sankofa Day protest at City Hall

The videos shot for #WeMatter campaigns (10-100+depending on the issue) will be aggregated and released day and date to funnel attentions to a particular initiative/call to action or to hold an institution, person or brand to account that has attacked us in order to create consequences that will disable their ability to continue.

By shooting coordinated campaigns that we release day and date, we bring global recognition to our initiatives and causes that enables us to gain from our cultural and social capital. The most powerful of our voices has little impact alone, alternatively by recording our most influential community personalities on that same issue and collectively calling our entire population to action is an entirely different proposition.

#WeMatter has the potential to put our collective voices on steroids and exponentially increase our ability to create beneficial mass adoption of our initiatives, events and offerings. The African/Caribbean community have never experienced the levels of community cohesion that many other communities have managed to establish even though we started off in that vein when we arrived enmass by collaborating through creating pardnors and relying on eachother.

Influencers please fill out our contributor audit in order to take part in future #WeMatter video campaigns: link

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