Volunteering with the African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC)

Updated: Apr 25

ADPAC is consistently seeking the right fit with onboarding professionals to volunteer with us across our pleathera of departments

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC) is a civic and social organisation established to umbrella our national grassroots activists, organisations and professionals in order to improve and protect our socio economic progress. Umbrellas don't make it rain but they do protect us from the falling water.

We have a number of departments managed under directors with an impressive track record in their respective fields. ADPAC work across Economics, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media. We are seeking to form relationships with you as professionals to volunteer in the role of your expertise, experience and intellectual capital.

How do we collectively circumvent the affects of institutional racism?

We are building databases of our businesses nationally, our professionals by sector, our eligible voters by borough and by county, we're mapping what the British African Diaspora are worth to the UK GDP and what we are worth in PAYE taxation. By accurately mapping us it will improve our collective leverage at an institutional level.

ADPAC is creating the Diaspora seat at the table and we'll achieve this by coordinating our collective expertise and cross pollinating the work of our departments in order to effectively grow our socio economic interests and gain the ability to operate within a self determined eco system.

We're actively seeking to partner with professional volunteers to work with our respective departments and to establish structures that will serve generations

Volunteering is more than delivering a task without payment. It’s about giving the gift of your time, talent and skills. We know that our volunteers do their best work when they're making the most of their unique talents. That's why we're here to help you find the role that suits you and your skills best.

Preference for volunteer sectors

  1. Media creatives to create national campaigns and effective communications

  2. Data anylists to compile census results

  3. Researchers for numerous projects

  4. Economists to quantify what we are worth to the UK GDP

  5. Statititions to establsih accurate population data

  6. Bid writers to raise funding

  7. IT professionals for proprietary online platform building

Please fill in the Volunteer Google Form by following the link: Volunteer

ADPAC Deputy Chair role
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