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Training and recruiting African/Caribbean youth into EV manufacture and maintenance

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Specifically targeting African/Caribbean talent to train and retrain as EV professionals

We are at the embryonic stages of the fourth industrial revolution, with a heavy emphasis on technology completely removing the need for unskilled workers. Whilst this may cause panic for many, it also provides a myriad of opportunities.

New industry sectors require new employees and frontier leadership, which means we are required to train an entire generation to fill these currently underserved roles. A collaboration between industry, government and the educational sector is how this void will be effectively filled and we plan to play our role through the Schools to Industry Pipeline.

The Schools to Industry Pipeline is a civic solution to provide a seamless pipeline from nursery to industry for children and young people of African origin in the UK. Where statistically we're increasingly being failed by the DfE, we recognise the implicit need for our early intervention in order to not only create a catch net but a tool box that can be easily accessed by the beneficiaries.

We're targeting African/Caribbean candidates to fill an estimated 35K short fall for EV manufacting and maintenance by 2026

The British African Diaspora population is 2,457,549 {Source:Census of England & Wales}

We are focussing on industries that will provide sustainable employment with ongoing training for the next twenty years. One of these industries is the automotive industry with huge legislative shifts on the way over the next four years that coincide with emerging battery technology.

Using this one example, its been identified by industry bodies and government that the battery powered car industry will require 90,000 qualified employees over the next five years and even being on track with an ambitious estimation of 60,000 leaves a short fall of 35,000 personnel.

We see this as a key opportunity to encourage African origin cohorts into the sector through the Schools to Industry Pipeline. We have aligned industry experts and will be working with industry bodies to create the bride between industry and the educational sector.

Specific digital marketing campaigns targeting African/Caribbean males and females (respectively) through short form video and poster campaigns will reach youth where they are and how they consume

By creating a clear and simple pathway based on the qualification requirements of a particular sector, we're enabling children, young people and those changing career to make the correct decisions that will put them on track for a meaningful career.

The Schools to Industry Pipeline initiative connects the industry, the public sector and the targeted cohorts through our mass marketing and events

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