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Trade & Industry tech innovation partnerships and investment

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

ADPAC is now facilitating the culmination of British and African partnership tech innovation projects

ADPAC is establishing the Afritech initiative to bring about the powerful collaboration of British African Diaspora and continental African innovators and tech pioneers. We have recognised that the brain drain and lack of adoption towards viable projects is costing us valuable advancements in technology.

ADPAC is in the unique position to facilitate the collaboration of tech partners by working with SOAD and the Eco-6 Region councils, whilst at the same time working with tech innovators in the UK and being able to bridge the gaps by bringing them together.

Our Trade & Industry department is now exploring these trade missions to bring British African Diaspora tech corporations together with their African tech counterparts. We envisage the exponential growth of the African tech sector and seek to align this with Western investment for projects that will revolutionise the continent and be adopted to return commercial profits to investors.

We are seeking to back blockchain, mobile, banking, crypto-currency, solar panels, security and construction technology. We will be packaging commercial projects with owners by acting as a department of trade and industry to facilitate international African Diaspora ongoing commercial trade.

Follow the link to receive information: click here

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