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The Future Leader Program

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Future Leader program is open to African and African/Caribbean men and women between 20-30 and is designed to establish a generation of effective leadership

Shaping the Future we want

ADPAC CIC is now recruiting for our succession planning initiative by investing in our Future Leaders program for candidates between 20-30. We're starting at 20 because we're seeking candidates with a little life experience who will understand and fully comprehend the value of our program.

This is an opportunity to benefit from a combined wisdom of masters who have worked at the highest levels of their professional fields. We have aggregated these talents to pass on their intellectual capital and experience in order to create a generational alumni of effective leadership.

African Diaspora leadership must be trained and chosen by us or they will not become an effective leadership for our interests. We have witnessed enough of our promising talents change sides for money and titles and economic security, however they didn't start out that way and if we desire to circumvent the same results then we need to operate different protocols.

The Future Leader program entails different aspects of leadership to produce a fully rounded visionary leader

The eight training modules are tied together by a nine step life skills curriculum and complimented by political , historic and metaphysical lectures

By providing structured leadership training that will enable candidates to become proficient in the crucial areas of entrepreneurial and civic management, we culminate these specific skills to manifest visionary leaders capable of reverse engineering solutions based on first reasoning principles.

The Future Leaders program is structured to produce fully rounded leadership who are proficient at negotiating, presenting, media interviews, project management, advanced problem solving, sales and marketing overview, banking and finance.

This is a very practical opportunity that includes working on active projects to gain professional experience. There is literally no substitute for experience and exposure leads to expansion. We provide a fully nurturing and supportive environment that attracts and harnesses thought leaders and change makers.

We create values on the Future Leader course to establish a universal language for common practice

The only way for us to circumvent structural Afriphobic racism is by establishing a generation of effective leadership with visionary lenses capable of establishing the institutions we require and who can problem solve at a level that enables our wider population to be served by our own self determined eco system.

We are social scientists, diplomats, thought leaders and change makers intent on establishing a culture that specifically benefits our populous by reintroducing values that serve our socio-economic growth. This vision is informed by us constantly seeking our commonalities over our differences.

With the lens of Sankofa we acknowledge that charismatic leadership has failed us, today it is more about establishing systems that incorporates a universal language that we can deliver because it is modular and scalable

Download the Future Leader PDF

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