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The Black Knowledge Society

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The Black Knowledge Society aggregates our most powerful minds to create solution-based policy

The Black Knowledge Society has formed a platform that aligns our intellectuals and thought leaders to form the basis of practical Pan African philosophy that can be incorporated into policy that we can turn into practice. This is what makes the Black Knowledge Society a powerful delivery partner for ADPAC CIC.

ADPAC CIC value frequent communication with TBKS to form the basis of a societal philosophy that is digestible for the masses of African/Caribbeans to adopt. By providing public seminars with informed panels, TBKS provides an insight into collaborative solutions that will improve African/Caribbean function in British society.

TBKS has recognised that before we shift enmass, we must align influencers who have the ability to create a critical mass. Once we align over our commonalities instead of remaining trapped in our current collective paradigm by polarising our differences, we'll have the ability to establish and maintain wider community cohesion.

TBKS Knowledge Exchange #10: Weaponising Social Media - The Advent of the Keyboard Warriors

Esther Ademosu; The Black Knowledge Society Founder & Editor in Chief

TBKS has aggregated the most sophisticated minds from the British African/Caribbean community and fosters links between them to the African Diaspora. We are fully aligned with TBKS in philosophical ideology and their strategy for creating a firm foundation of peers to establish a critical mass that overwhelmingly affects our positive and transformational policy.

We have been speaking about thought leaders collaborating for years but are now working together across a number of expertise to better serve African/Caribbean people by enabling each other through knowledge and expertise exchange that grows our ongoing concerns and benefits the beneficiaries as we improve our services.

We are collectively obeying the consciousness shift that falls in line with the planet and is attracting those of a similar who have resisted Western indoctrination. The starting point has always been aligning around what we have in common, which is why unity was always going to come about from those who recognise and act upon the fact that we are all susceptible to a common fate as African/Caribbeans.

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