The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC)

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

ADPAC is an umbrella organisation that coordinates the delivery of our grassroots services for and to the British African Diaspora population

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC) is a civic and social organisation that represents the socio economic interests of people of African origin in the UK. We are a membership organisation that work with institutions, corporations, professionals, grassroots organisations and politicians to improve our relationships, influence and socio economic quality of life.

ADPAC works by coordinating the activity of the British African Diaspora to enable our efficient sharing of information, processes and resources to better build our robust self determined eco system. As an organisation, our national leadership works across Economics, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media.

Our national leadership work with grassroots organisations, professionals and businesses via our own internal communication platform on a dedicated server, which creates communication security to serve our community needs. We also have our own crypto currency, which enables us to experience economic freedom and security.

How do we collectively circumvent the affects of institutional racism?

Clarity about our collective value within the UK will enable us to gain our cultural capital

ADPACs structures allow us to work outside of any national system in a sovereign manner that gives us the ability to make us a protected group within the UK. Our national leadership support the Regional Chapters that are being established in London boroughs and UK counties where there are high numbers of African/Caribbean population.

By becoming a member of ADPAC you will be able to attend local meetings to contribute to community cohesion and address your concerns about improving your local facilities, area and access to resources. We are a monthly subscription organisation where subs are used to pay our team of representatives and advocates but also to save and purchase commercial freehold building via our trust to convert into schools, community centres and chambers of commerce as staples to establish full African Diaspora community cohesion.

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ADPAC Constitution
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African Diaspora Public Affairs Committe
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