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Self Determination

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A 21st century blueprint for African/Caribbean self determination

The African/Caribbean Socio-Economic Formula

Since before Garvey, African Diasporas have been dreaming of African Diaspora socio-economic self determination. Many movements have started that have socially and economically moved away from the European dominated systems, however all were thwarted by their security agencies that used tactics including assassination.

What we've learned from this is that sophisticated security infrastructure must be an integral part of the African Diaspora self determination movement. Start small and grow organically, this is our mantra and includes security growing at the same rate as our economics and influence.

At this stage we are armed with the many lessons of history that have taught us by demonstrating that no European system will enable us to collectively develop and become competitive with this global minority. Based on our clarity, we are highly intentional about our objectives and the steps to accomplish them.

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The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee CIC (ADPAC) was formed specifically to serve the socio-economic interests of the almost 3 million African-African/Caribbean and mixed ethnicity African origin people in the UK. We are a civic and social organisation that weave our systems into all areas of civic and commercial life.

We encompass departments, including economics, education, employment, health, housing, justice, politics, trade and industry and media. We employ experts at the highest echelons of all of these sectors and maintain an African origin criteria for all trustees, directors and members.

Our activities include lobbying, creating policy, training, advocacy, public sector and private contracting, promoting, upholding and preserving the public image of the African Diaspora and disseminating intelligence via social media to our followers and supporters.

Our board of directors create policy that will specifically benefit the British African Diaspora, connect us through trade and industry with other Diasporas to improve our national and international socio-economic position. We do this by creating African centred policy to affect legislation and for our own purposes to turn into policy that specifically benefits us.

Advocates protesting City Hall London


ADPAC CIC draws down on the professional expertise of personnel who's intellectual capital was gained from the dominant society's civic and commercial sectors, who have learned first hand what works and what doesn't in terms of systems that are functional as opposed to vanity and economic folly.

Our systems are based on a simplistic eco system that remains evolving as we gain access to new information and more qualified personnel. Nothing is static except our agenda to establish and maintain self sustaining independent socio-economic systems. This board of directors meet on a monthly basis after the individual member and organisation public meetings, so that after consultation we create, improve and apply policy created based on real world needs and requirements.

As a membership organisation we're self sustaining and utilise individual and organisation subscription dues to underwrite basic operations in exchange for monthly membership meeting and distance learning (ongoing professional development). At the same time as relying on subscription dues, we tender for contracts that utilise public and private sector resources to deliver services to the African/Caribbean population.

ADPAC monthly member meeting

We are in a unique position to do this as the national umbrella for African/Caribbean interests because of the mapping exercises, the African/Caribbean specific reports we both write and collaborate on, our public consultation and virtual engagement through a number of polls and questionnaires. We produce evaluation reports from our training and counselling programs and work with PHD students to expose our members to their study.

ADPAC CIC aggregates all of this intelligence and uses the material to inform our evolving policy and procedure. We frequently apply for grant funding and collaborate with a number of sources to produce reports, studies and mapping exercises that give us clarity of the national African/Caribbean contribution to the UK.

Our two monthly member meetings are held in Central London, based on specific themes and are filmed and streamed to the respective membership website areas. Both the individual and the organisations meetings are archived for perpetuity, which is our way of working out loud. This method gives members insight into solutions that train generations to come, who will learn from our accomplishments and mistakes.

Our strategic advisory committee have the specific role of identifying and nurturing relationships with delivery partners and enabling seamless cohesion between them and our directors within their specific departments. This includes creating international trade relations between international entrepreneurs and our trade and industry department (to enable international commercial partnerships).

Media Net & HMPTV record and live stream events to our website


ADPAC is an eco-system of our own design that relies on interconnected delivery and consumption of goods and services provided and consumed by the British African/Caribbean population. Within that eco-system ADPAC serves the individual members by signposting and coordinating local and national services and the organisation members by providing resources such as policies, CPD and in-sourcing for public and private sector contracts.

Our model is modular and scalable based on mastering proof of concept across all of our areas of delivery. Our teams design systems and programs, record evaluations of those systems and programs in order to duplicate in respective territories. We deliver distance learning tools to train senior staff and to train the trainers through efficient automated applications.

ADPAC intend to coordinate African/Caribbean services locally through Regional Chapters, strategically located in African/Caribbean substantial population boroughs and counties. Chapters are run by Regional Chairs, who manage small teams and volunteers who are members of our community forums. This is how we enable the local community to occupy school boards, become magistrates and local civic positions.

We are aggregating grassroots organisations nationally across economics, education, employment, health, housing, justice, politics, trade and industry and media. We work with them in a very similar way to CVS and provide policy templates, facilitate introductions, enable growth and insource for public and private sector contract delivery.

We signpost these local delivery partners to ADPAC members and local businesses to utilise the services we've acquired public and private contracts to fulfil. This forms an eco system of African/Caribbean service providers and beneficiaries through our self determined pipeline.

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