Safer Neighbourhood Board

Using Safer Neighbourhood Boards to reduce crime and coordinate solutions

ADPAC CIC has planned to establish Chapters within Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark, Lambeth, Hackney, Haringey, Enfield and Brent. We are focusing on these London boroughs based on the substantial African/Caribbean populations and the need to provide culturally competent solution based services and the need to create better relations with the local authority and relating public service providers.

We see Safer Neighbourhood Boards as an entry point to establishing within these boroughs and incorporating our strategy to create a more cohesive relationship between public service providers and making the local community greater stakeholders. Our overall concern is improving safer mobility for our young people, providing a more trusted approach to intelligence gathering, improving accessibility to domestic violence units and services, safe guarding children by liaising with schools, monitoring and reducing hate crime and safe guarding vulnerable members of the community.

Establishing ADPAC CIC managed Safer Neighbourhood Boards will create a direct communication between the African/Caribbean community, law enforcement, local authority, schools, fire brigade and various local delivery partners. The key lies in creating more effective lines of representative communication that will lead to greater community cohesion.

Creating a layer of youth leadership through Manage Leadership program will be key

In particular we take into account the historic lack of healthy communication and relations between the wider African/Caribbean community, law enforcement and the local authority. These relationships shouldn't be adversarial so we seek to create healthy structural inclusion by coordinating local services that will provide desired access to systemic services by removing the stigmas in utilising them.

One of the elements we seek to remove is the historic relationship of mistrust on both sides between the Metropolitan police force and the African/Caribbean community. As citizens and tax payers it is untenable that this strained relationship continues, especially in the face of rising serious youth violence and the lives being lost month on month. Communicating with our delivery partner Missing Black People (to record cases, aggregate stats and create public awareness) we are more aware of county lines victims, attempted kidnappings and other contributing factors.

Missing Black People is one such culturally competent intermediary service provider that has proven the African/Caribbean community has no problem in providing intelligence that may lead law enforcement to serving our community and providing a better value service. The approach is key and something we particularly take note of.

Delivery partner Dominic Norton founder of Missing Black People

As a national umbrella, ADPAC CIC will establish the 8 boroughs within London as proof of concept by working with experienced Safer Neighbourhood Chairs and record evidence for a national role out. Creating a report of what we get right, wrong and the lessons learned will be an important part of the first 12 months of delivery so as to inform eventual national delivery to the planned counties, including Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Sheffield, Liverpool and Huddersfield.

Crying Sons founder - Youth Safe Guarding expert and ADPAC CIC Director of Justice Gwenton Sloley

Director of Justice Gwenton Sloley brings a raft of experience that contributes to our strategy of safe guarding, protecting vulnerable youth and so-called gang intervention. By establishing culturally competent delivery partners through the Schools to Industry Pipeline we are creating what will become seamless pathways that provide young people with clearly identifiable routes from where they are to successfully accomplish their aspirations.

Gwenton has spent a great deal of time as a law enforcement consultant and brings this experience to our team, he also has a unique understanding of the psychology of young people caught up in crime that we've incorporated into our solution provision strategy. This is part of the reason for establishing the 8 borough Safer Neighbourhood Boards concurrently as there are cross cutting themes that we desire to address and reduce with immediate effect.

We've recognised that connected boroughs such as Croydon, Lambeth and Southwark have spill over issues, with particular regards to serious youth violence that require intelligence based solutions as opposed to the blanket racial profiling of youth currently carried out that alienates local communities who's non active members are caught up in the herd approach. It's clear that this is a misuse of resources and time and is also unsuccessful in preventing serious youth violence or murders.

London boroughs Croydon-Lewisham-Southwark-Lambeth-Hackney-Haringey-Enfield and Brent targeted for ADPAC CIC managed Safer Neighbourhood Boards

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