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SableAssent coin is a vehicle that provides global freedom of money movement for African Diasporans

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

SableAssent coin is a vehicle that provides global freedom of money movement that enables us the freedoms as African Diasporan's that we have previously never had. As sovereign people it allows us to circumvent European prejudices that stifle our ability to compete with Western business owners on any scale.

It is absolutely necessary that we adopt a common currency which connects the global African Diaspora and encourages the growth of intra African trade by providing a wallet that carries an escrow facility (great for exchange of goods and services in transit as a fiduciary service), subscription facility (to take recurring payments from clients and customers) and simple online consumer invoicing and payment gateway (using one line of code from the SableAssent API).

SableAssent currency and wallet are great for businesses, organisations and government institutions to engage with the SWIFT system exchanges but also work outside of them in a sovereign way, which for the African Diaspora puts us on an equal footing with a global banking system that has been able to manipulate our currencies, freeze and confiscate our assets without accountability or recourse for due process.

SableAssent coin can also be tokenised by any natural resource that will add to its underlying tangle value unlike fiat currencies kept afloat by artificial stimulation (which in the long term is unsustainable). SableAssent coin is a great vehicle for gold, diamond and asset based resources transactions.

Register for SableAssent coin on the link here:


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