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Reparations march stop the Maangamizi

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Stop the Mangamizi (reparations march) on the 1st of Mosiah

Britain was a key player in the African holocaust, which lead to the transatlantic slave trade where Africans were kidnapped, raped, tortured and in many cases murdered like chattel stock. This not only broke the course of African societal development but totally arrested it because of the sheer number of valuable citizens we lost who would have contributed to it.

Those kidnapped Africans did however remain skilled and innovative for Western development and were the minds eyes behind many inventions, whose patents were stolen by Europeans who gained inordinate amounts of wealth on top of extracting the value from our human sales and free labour to build their infrastructures.

Before the transatlantic slave trade Britain was wiped out by the plague (black death) and the Great fire of London. Our kidnap and enslavement started in 1562 endorsed by decree of Queen Elizabeth the 1st gave Captain John Hawkins the mandate to carry enslaved Africans as cargo, when he kidnapped 300 of us and exchanged us for hides, sugar and ginger.

That initial action formed the model for a system that ripped the heart out of Africa for the next 245 years. We have never been compensated for the most horrific inhumanity known to man and based on the nature of militarily conquering us and enslaving us, our continent was left open to further attack and our people continued to be treated as property.

The ramifications of the African holocaust and resulting transatlantic slave trade set us so far back developmentally that we are still reliant upon Europeans to this day. A larger part of that dependence comes from us remaining the African subjects in the 500 year European "Black" experiment .

We attend the same schools that have branded us educationally sub-normal from our mass arrival as the Windrush generation (in order to dehumanise us) to today where they continue to separate our children through over representation in PRUs. Their system remains consistent but rebrands in order to maintain vehicles that segregate our children from the dominant culture.

Reparation march from Windrush Square in Brixton to Parliament Square

Esther Costa Xosei and the stop the Maangamizi movement have made great legal strides for the repertory justice movement based on these historic and consistent injustices. The team has managed to collaborate with the Green Party to form a reparations commission and is preparing a case in Bristol now.

The march is important because it aligns us spiritually and in solidarity. It is an event where those who work on different aspects within the African social justice and repertory movement can meet to collaborate.

The march takes place this year on Sunday August 1st and requires stewards to help the organisers maintain order and keep participants safe. We want to see the event continue in the vein that it has been over the course of five years and would appreciate those who are passionate about representing and protecting our community volunteer as stewards.

To volunteer as a steward for this years Stop the Maangamizi march please contact the number below and fill out the contact form in the link:


UN Human Rights Chief Calls for Reparations Over Racism for people of African descent

The findings cite concerns in about 60 countries including the UK, Belgium, France, Canada, Brazil and Colombia. The study began after the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in US police custody in 2020.

The findings say protests over the Minnesota man's death and the conviction of a white policeman were a "seminal point in the fight against racism".

In a statement on Monday, UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet called "on all states to stop denying - and start dismantling - racism" and to "listen to the voices of people of African descent"

Due to the pressure of the Stop the Maangamizi movement, the Green Party has adopted in principle to commit to a Parliamentary reparations commission to address the impact of slavery on current racial inequalities in the UK.

The Stop the Maangamizi march speech at Parliament Square to commemorate our ancestors

Meeting point Brixton Windrush Square London SW2 1EF Sunday August 1st 10am 2021

Click on the above image to find out more about Stop the Maangamizi

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