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Remove Kemi Badenoch & Tony Sewell from misrepresenting us

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Remove Kemi Badenoch (Treasury & Equalities Minister) & Tony Sewell (Chair of the CRE)

We as the 3 million population of African/Caribbean citizens in the UK are no longer willing to tolerate the Treasury & Equalities Minister as a fair and equal representative of transformative and progressive inclusion. Both Kemi Badenoch and Tony Sewell have abysmal track records for misrepresenting African/Caribbean interests by using their ethnicity to represent and endorse the practices and ideologies of institutions designed to maintain structural inequality against the British African Diaspora.

Both characters have demonstrated ruthless ambition in carrying water for racist policy and as a by-product have been catapulted into the respective positions of Treasury & Equalities Minister and Chair of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities. Both of these positions are a direct insult to the British African Diaspora as we seek to establish socio economic mobility in order to redress what colonialism through the Transatlantic African holocaust, which was most active for 167 years.

The Tory government has demonstrated it's tolerance for Afriphobia by placing Boris Johnson at it's head who has publicly and consistently used racist and Afriphobic language and supports racist and unequal policies as the head of state.

Kemi Badenoch advocating to maintain the the status quo of structural inequality

Tony Sewell arguing that the British education system doesn't perpetuate racism inspite of the evidence presented by the Lammy Ethnic Disparities Report

He has chosen personnel for positions that should be filled by progressives with cronies who can be relied upon to carry water for the racist and oppressive policies in keeping with the Conservative line. They were both employed against the public outcry from the British African/Caribbean public who presented evidence of their adverse track records against our interests.

ADPAC is now presenting a national petition to remove both Kemi Badenoch and Tony Sewell from their respective positions by demonstrating our democratic powers to represent our collective interests as part of our agenda to erase African/Caribbean inequality to make us a protected group from the impact of institutionally racist state bodies, including the government, local authorities, educational authority, British police constabulary, British justice system and employment landscape.

We need your support, be the power you seek to have and empower us by signing our national petition so that we can demonstrate the unity it requires for African/Caribbean's to establish parity with other British citizens based on our own determination.

Please sign our petition below and demonstrate our democratic power to improve our socio economic mobility:

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