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Racism will cease to have an affect on us when we address it with #WeMatter

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The only way to decrease Afriphobia is to globally acknowledge and address it with #WeMatter

The mainstream media uses broadcasters who say "Its dangerous to call this racism", in media we call this the line to take (which is created by think tanks and interest groups then distributed to media owners and adopted by broadcasters), which is why you'll hear particular phrases adopted day and date by diverse media outlets in order to shape the general publics thinking.

The racist who says it is dangerous to identify racism is correct, the critic is making it dangerous for them and should stay fastidious to their task of winning the argument when racism has been practiced. This tactic is to embarrass you out of your position of clarity and encourage you to capitulate to their position of self appointed authority.

The racist has no authority to legitimately deny your claims of overt or covert racism, they can merely present an argument that will either stand up or won't. If there argument doesn't stand up to scrutiny because they seek the cover of conflation merely repeat the question they can't convincingly answer which Brent MP Dawn Butler demonstrates so well in the video below.

Racism and Afriphobia can only flourish because we are unorganised and like the men in the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel we are all speaking with different tongues when what is required is #WeMatter. This isn't to suggest that we as the African Diaspora are a homogeneous people but it does imply that we must adopt a code of conduct that serves us based on our collective interests.

Brent MP Dawn Butler using the power of critical thinking and consistency to question the governments institutional racism

There is very little need to question racism when the aggressor and their cronies defend it and they only defend it because the position of power serves them. Then there are the Africans for hire such as Candace Owens and the ilk who make a great income by providing services as paid stools to legitimise racism that makes African Diaspora people less safe.

The key is understanding the roll of the African Diaspora stool who carries water for openly racist interests and it is mainly for economic gain and social positioning as they are rewarded on both fronts by the racists whom they advocate for. What becomes confusing to the unaware is the African stool may say some things we agree with, however this tactic is just to lull us into a false sense of security.

Journalist and broadcaster Afua Hirsch demonstrating clear racist aggression from Nick Farrai the LBC broadcaster

The racism practiced on African Diaspora people is always plain to see and after the dehumanising has been done by the broadcasters, the public adopt the rhetoric and the emotions conveyed by the propagators which was always their initial plan. Racism is dangerous for us, not the accusation of racism but the actual practice.

Racism has very real practical effects on African Diaspora people from the education system, through employment and housing to the justice system where after being framed in a particular way, we are then institutionally targeted and when we look at the data the evidence shows that there is a huge racial disparity in this targeted approach.

The term institutional racism didn't come from nowhere, it is based on data from very thorough government reports that prove racism has and is practiced at an institutional level from government on down through the entire public sector. the Windrush scandal was the result of intra agency collaboration targeting and punishing innocent African/Caribbean British citizens and criminalising them based solely on race.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel admitted that the government had been racist by using soft language like "the hostile environment was possibly too aggressive in its execution", like the "hostile environment" didn't have an architect who drew up policy that had to be agreed, voted on and adopted. That entire democratic system which is monitored and measured allows institutional racism to exist in spite of the Mcpherson Report and the Lammy Race Disparity audit.

Ex Super Intendent Kevin Hurley selectively accusing the African/Caribbean community of being the biggest flouters of COVID-19 government protocols whilst ignoring English peoples mass gatherings such as the incident at the hight of COVID-19 lockdown at Bournemouth beach

Bournemouth Beach at the hight of the COVID-19 lockdown

What are our conclusions for solutions moving forward in a post Mcpherson and Lammy Report era? The British African Diaspora community must now organise and mobilise off the back of global recognition after the state assassination of George Floyd, which is how racism affects us at its worst when government employed police play judge, jury and executioner of African Diaspora men, women and children which has been a consistent practice since Europeans kidnapped us from Africa.

Through skills audits we must identify where best to place our talents and what organisations would most benefit after identifying the personnel. there must be a legacy from marching where we harness the energy of the moment and identify what is next in a joint initiative to identify the best personnel to make our advocacy and community organisations more robust and effective in creating African Diaspora community cohesion and self determination.

Only by harnessing the current emotion and positioning people now will we be best placed to circumvent racism by placing protocols and policies in place based on code that represents the entire British African Diaspora community. Irrespective of our income and earning ability we are not isolated from the prowess of white supremacy, which is why we now need to form the collective base to assert #OneVoice saying many things that observe code that protects our interests and attacks those who attack the interests of the British African Diaspora community.

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