Race vs Ethnicity (Economic Reconstruction)

Updated: Jun 29

The construct of Race vs the reality of Ethnicity

We have been obedient and complicit, willingly or unwillingly with the social construct of race. What we may or may not be aware of is the structural efficiency of the racial construct that holds up white supremacy. To give clarity to the difference between race and ethnicity we must look at the origins of race.

Race is the social construct by Europeans to establish the racial hierarchical system that we experience today, which is designed to maintain structural inequality. The pedestal created by Europeans for their "white" platform is clearly demonstrated by the British racial codes by IC1, IC2 and us as IC3. The construct of race is about economically protecting white global dominance through a system that normalises their oppression of other "race" by "othering us".

The construct of race incorporates education, politics, justice, banking, military and media. The practice of racism is a team sport incorporating all of the departments above where there is a common secret maintained that the key to circumventing the affects of racism lie in severing our relationship with the confines of "Black" as our identity, which is manufactured and contained by Europeans.

This is where the argument of Race ve Ethnicity comes into play once we understand that race is about competition in a rigged game. We have remained the proverbial suckers by taking part in a rigged game. The African Diaspora have been asking the same rhetorical question for perpetuity, "Why do we experience the same oppression globally and find ourselves at the bottom of every measurable metric?"

To answer this question we must first compare the definitions of race and ethnicity respectively

Once we've ascertained with clarity the definition and ramifications of a racialised system we'll have clarity about the universal ability of white supremacy to successfully maintain its oppressive dominion over us by controlling our education, banking, employment, healthcare, housing, access to fair justice and political engagement. The powerful and prevailing question we are failing to ask is how do we break our relationship with a system that holds dominion over us?

Currently as it stands African nations and the African Diaspora are totally dependent on the European controlled economic system of centralised banking that governs every area of our lives, so if we are experiencing a substandard version of our potential we can trace it back to our contract with economic servitude that dominates every area of our lives.

If the very central banking system at the source of the world power props up white supremacist architecture then everything we do as a result of depending on it places us in a position of servitude that results in racial inequality based on the disparity of resource distribution. For example we ask the question, why is Africa poor if Africa is the source of all valuable natural resources?

ADPAC Insights breaking down Race vs Etnicity and establishing our own socio economic eco system

When the laws and legislation are informed by the central banks who've designed the white supremacist system that has established structural inequality and maintains it with a mix of economic dictatorship, military intervention and media propaganda in order to whitewash all that is being done and approve the aggressors version. Taking the example of natural resources and to demonstrate how European white supremacy strips Africa of her resources "legally" (within the confines of their legislative legal system) let's look at diamond producing countries where Europeans are barred from doing business because the nations desire to take advantage of their own resources.

The first port of call is to apply a trade embargo, which is economic warfare in order to guarantee that resources won't be depleted in the absence of Europeans being able to mine and sell the diamonds. The legislative sleight of hand lies in the creation of terms such as blood diamonds and utilising media delivery partners to establish an awareness campaign of the term with conflated reporting to propagate the world and thereby endorse a trade embargo irrespective of its legitimacy.

Tried, tested and proven tactics that have been employed for decades with successful results based on the conspiracy between a matrix of delivery partners to under develop Africa and separate the Diaspora from her psychologically and spiritually so that we don't have the inclination to campaign and effectively advocate for our continent of origin.

The game of white supremacy is to fool you out of your position of clarity by telling you anything that is exclusivley for you is selfish but nothing that benefits 3 million people can be selfish

What is the solution?

Understanding the difference between race and ethnicity we have clarity around being subjects and what is necessary to become sovereign people. As subjects we are dependent on a system where we have no say so, including the socalled democratic polling system traditionally dominated by a two political party's and as subjects we experience taxation without representation not only in the Diaspora but in Africa as well.

In acknowledging our ethnicity we acknowledge our sovereignty and this is the first step towards establishing the various institutions, organisations, businesses and economic instruments required to create and maintain socio economic parity under our own self determination. If the central banking system we are beholden to is the heart beat of a white supremacist system we must abandon it for an alternative of our own creation and governance and utilise our resources (natural/human/service) to prop up its value. This will enable us with the ability to dictate how said resources are traded.

Black is a social term, a colloquialism if you will that we can't afford to mistake for a legal ethnic identification. Anybody can be politically Black because Black isn't an ethnicity and thereby leaves us open to being economically infiltrated by non-African origin people when making application for resources ring fenced for "Black" people. The only way to make the British African Diaspora a distinct and protected group is to embrace our ethnicity and have this officially recognised by the state and used with regards to everything official that is purporting to represent us.

ADPAC is galvanising support for the African Diaspora Economic Reconstruction

This part of our internal reparation is taking charge of our psychological and spiritual repair, which is how we'll establish our economic reconstruction. Our psychological repair is about recognising our common denominator as the African Diaspora. As we adopt our initiatives and operate from a common code we make ourselves a protected group. The success that Black Pound Day has demonstrated shows that we have a growing desire to consume everything we produce.