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Manage Leadership program

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Manage Leadership working with corporate social responsibility programs

The Manage Leadership program is a 26 week structured training designed to enable African Diaspora young men to gain the keys to life in a supportive and nurturing environment. The introduction to Manage is a six week course encompassing debating and problem solving skills, business acumen, Mashufa martial arts and Tai Chi meditation that creates a well rounded bases for grounding and learning.

During the six weeks young men will be introduced to the concept of the mastermind and sweat equity as we introduce the two groups of 10 to the tactics and strategies used by successful people for centuries. Access UK and ADPAC have worked hard to establish this training that has now come to fruition and will realise hundreds of capable and compassionate civic and leaders of industry over the next couple of years.

Access UK and ADPAC are seeking to partner with Black Networks in corporate companies to partner by mentoring students from the Manage leadership program and also to work with corporate social responsibility programs by sponsoring young men who in turn will become civic leaders and leaders of industry who improve our communities and thereby society.

This fully rounded 26 week course starts with a six week introduction and leads to a 12 week one to one purpose unearthing and finishes with a 6 week mastermind that will enable cohorts to operate from a common code and become life long alumni as graduates. If you work within a Black Corporate Network and are interested in contributing or supporting the Manage Leadership program, please contact Dean Okai Snr at to receive an information pack.

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