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Male Youth Peer Leadership

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Structured African/Caribbean male peer leadership training

After 12 months of delivery partner and direct youth cohort consultation, we are responding to the direct needs of our youth by providing structured training that will enable them to solve their own problems and influence their own peer base. Young people aren't unaware of what they need to solve their dilemMas, they just require adequate support and resources.

By working with multiple delivery partners we're able to make this happen across London to provide peer safe space leadership training for small cohorts who will then go on to run peer safe spaces for young men. We align this with teaching men to fish.

ADPAC CIC works with rites of passage and mentoring organisations across boroughs and has prepped them to carry out this work. Our ability to share most effective practice and tactics as we go is unique based on the conversations we're having on a daily basis with grassroots delivery partners engaging in the field.

This provision is a direct response to the escalation of serious youth violence that re-emerged after lock down expired. The training of male youth peer leaders is only part of our strategy to address the wide adoption of violence by youths as a sub culture that has escalated around the country and heavily affected the African/Caribbean community.

Based on the scale of the problem, we recognise that all of the solutions we've discussed must be delivered and coordinated concurrently. These collective youth provisions include rites of passage and mentoring as early intervention from as younf a 7, cadet training, which involves physical training, theme based music challenges to change youth consciousness, specific cohort designed therapy and career guidence.

ADPAC CIC has aggreggated these delivery partners through our Schools to Industry Pipeline initiative, which includes a database of educators, supplimentary schools through the National Association of Black Supplimentary Schools (NABSS), psychologists, mentors, rites of passage organisations and training employment providers.

The 8 hot spot pilot boroughs are Croydon, Lewisham, Southwark, Lambeth, Hackney, Haringey, Enfirld and Brent

Based on levels of serious youth violence that affect African/Caribbeans we've highlighted the 8 boroughs above to start this pilot in order to be mostt effective in gaining early results from delivery. We have grassroots delivery partners in each of these boroughs and will coordinate the activity and evaluate the project as it goes.

We work with corporate CSR programs, housing associations, local authority and third sector to underwite the program we've designed with experienced grassroots delivery parytners. We also have a youth offenders and prison therapy delivery partner that has specialist experience in enabling African/Caribbean youth and adult males on a path to rehabilitation.

The Safe Space Peer Leadership training will be marketed for September and signposted to cohorts who will take part in the respective boroughs of delivery. If you're a funder that would like to work with our network of London wide delivery partners please contact us and request a copy of our delivery and evaluation strategy.

Email: Ref: Safe Space

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