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Lets establish our Chamber of Commerce (Economic Reconstruction)

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Today lets sign up as 10K and make our vision for self determined parity a reality

2021 is the year of knowing and doing, it will represent a precedent for African/Caribbean business owners and aspiring employees with the incorporation of our Chamber of Commerce. Marvin Miller and Ayshia Gardner along with their powerful team have been working consistently and diligently to establish a national African/Caribbean Chamber to provide a matrix of services to catapult our ability to perform and grow.

Black Pound Day has demonstrated the African/Caribbean desire to consume everything we produce, which is enabling us to improve the bounce rate of our pound and thereby grow the retention of our money. There have been questions around business service practices, lack of systems, lack of access to finance and continued professional development which the Chamber will address and provide tangible solutions.

The immeasurable benefits an African/Caribbean Chamber will offer business owners from our community through the genuine targeted support we've never had are long overdue. We want a Black Chamber campaign is now going through the process to establish our national Chamber of Commerce and requires all of our business landscape support to prove the business case and make it a reality.


ADPAC Insights with Ayshia Gardner & Marvin Miller from We Want a Black Chamber Campaign

As we establish institutions in a multitude of areas that we have previously relied on Europeans, the appetite for self determination in a post George Floyd world is as important as oxygen. There is only so long we can say "how much more?" or "when will we get justice?", they both prove rhetorical questions if we decide to do nothing differently and continue to seek compassion from those who have traditionally been the architects of our misery.

Our landscape is now proliferated with visionary and operational leaders hell bent on establishing structures that will insure our children don't experience the same injustices that we did but more importantly provide the social mobility that enables an entire generation to have a genuine shot at creating generational wealth.

Business turnover underwrites the national GDP by creating employment and providing the capital through taxation that is the life blood of Britain. We are collaborating to establish that same socio economic system for ourselves and this is where an African/Caribbean chamber of Commerce is critical. We are the byproduct of a 71 year mistake that is being rectified because the Windrush generation built Britain and British industry but failed to establish any institutions that would serve them and remain in legacy for us.


The We want a Black Chamber website

In 2020 African/Caribbean professionals work in the highest echelons of all industry sectors counter to the myth that we can't establish exceptional services by ourselves. This rhetoric is usually repeated by ley people but has somehow become common place within the African/Caribbean community and somewhat influenced by lasting school indoctrination where many of are told irrespective of our academic acumen "that's not realistic for you".

We are now calling on 10,000 businesses to sign up with your expression of interest to provide the business case for the British government in the application for a national Chamber that exclusively serves African/Caribbean business owners and represents the interests of said business owners at a national level by speaking directly to government. This Chamber does more than answer business challenges and will also be a place our elected representatives will be forced to speak with us on our terms based on the economic funnel we create by aggregating our economic power in one place.

We have waved the Black fist for 60 years but never really afforded ourselves the opportunity to become economically powerful and self determined by creating the banking and advocacy institutions to turn our high streets into the proverbial Black Wall Streets of US gone by. Concurrently with Ayisha Gardner, Marvin Miller and team championing the Black Chamber campaign, Samuel Ghann and partners are establishing the Platinum Peak Bank to again serve African/Caribbean customers according to our unique and underserved needs.


The Platinum Peak Bank website

2021 is a bright year for those doing who aren't concerned with what the sceptics are repeating. We've realised the game is to attain economic independence and thereby live life according to our own drum. This is the drum beat that is attracting exponential adoption from those of a similar ilk who desire to be the architects of our own destiny, maintain family businesses and enjoy more time with loved ones.

In summary the Chamber will offer networking events, continued professional development (in person and remote learning resources), access to finance, access to preferred professional services such as insurance, trusts, therapy, business coaching, legal, accounting and creative all geared towards the exclusive requirements of African/Caribbean business owners whilst also representing our collective interests towards the state as an economic block.

Please join us with your expression of interest by filling out the contact form and be part of this historic move to establish the much needed institution our businesses required to enable us to grow and provide generational wealth.

Click here to join the African/Caribbean economic reconstruction

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