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Let's call it by its name Afriphobia and address our oppression with #WeMatter

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Art which connects to our emotional senses is one of the key tools used to create Afriphobia

George Floyds public police lynching has sparked the outrage of the entire globe just like COVID-19 another international invisible and sometimes deadly virus struck that continues to prove just as much of a threat to the entire African Diaspora, Afriphobia.

The long history of Afriphobia from the Arab slave trade to the European transatlantic slave trade, Afriphobia has justified the most inhumane torture by non-Africans of our Brothers and Sisters. There has always been war and there have always been casualties of war and many of them are mainly innocent but when the trend of kidnapping and enslaving Africans started it changed something that remains to this day.

The major Arab slave trade began in the 7th century on the African continent. Because the people enslaved came from a large number of different tribes, we will refer to them here simply as 'Africans', and 'Arabs' (though also African) as those doing the enslaving. Around the year 633, a year after the death of Muhammad, Muslim armies took much of what today is Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, the North African coast, and parts of Iran and Turkey.

In 650, under Caliph Uthman, the religious holy book Qur'an (also written as Koran), was codified. Muslims then and now believe it to contain the direct revelations from God through the prophet Muhammad. While Islam eventually forbid taking fellow Muslims as slaves, it did not forbid the taking of non-believers or those who opposed Islam.

The long history of US Afriphobia that has enabled police to beat and murder unarmed African American men, women and children is what lead to George Floyds public lynching

Slavery as an organized venture in Africa began in Darfur in 652. To keep to the terms of a peace agreement, the Sudanese leader at the time was obliged to make a payment of several hundred African slaves per year to the Arab invaders. This continued for centuries, reaching up to 6000 slaves sent along the Red Sea route near the end of 18th century, the peak of the Arab slave trade.

African slaves were used for agriculture, labor, household help, or to be concubines or soldiers. It was only later (1870s-1960s) that the white European demand for cash crops (grain, cotton, coffee, sugar and tobacco) and ivory became major contributors to the demand for slaves. During this period of African people being kidnapped, trafficked and sold as property our men were castrated and our women were raped by soldiers and slave owners alike.

This barbaric trade was then continued by the rise of European Empires as the black print for kidnapping Africans and dehumanising us was already well established with rules of creating compliant and fearful servants willing to suffer the most painful and humiliating treatment as part of our ancestors routine day.

The European Transatlantic slave trade used art to dehumanise Africans globally to sever emotional the ties of compassion from fellow Europeans so that no matter how barbaric their treatment of Africans was, by conveying us as emotionless property it justified the economic benefits made by those who didn't have to directly abuse our human dignity.

The deliberate use of art as an expression of racism to objectify and humuiliate Africans has been a consistent tactic in the positioning of Afriphobia in the European mind

Afriphobia as a by-product became the practice of dehumanising African people so as to sever human empathy from non-Africans who may develop sympathy with their fellow human beings whilst witnessing their kidnap, rape, torture, public sale (separating families) and daily humiliation of servitude.

Our spirit nature is to empathise with pain, however there is an antidote for that and it is administered through the constant propaganda of fear mongering and portrayal of a people as comparable to animals who must be controlled. There you have it, the birth of the formula for Afriphobia. A contract between state and all of her agencies, media through all of its outlets and the education system to guarantee a next generation to keep the practice in place. A technically perfect system created and established to keep the global African in the position of being a permanent underclass.

For Afriphobia to take it requires the collusion of all of the elements mentioned but the question which is less analysed is the why and its a huge "why?". Africa is the largest, most fertile and resource rich continent on planet earth and produces some of the most innovative thinkers ever born. To capitalise on this, the global system of Afriphobia must first kill our cultural capital (which is worth money) by deriding and ghettoising our culture. We are all obligated to uphold promote and preserve our culture and this is why we are taught to assimilate in order to separate us from our well established cultural practices.

African people often ask but never receive the answer "why does everyone have a problem with us loving our own and celebrating our culture?", well now you know. When you are made to feel shame around your culture and you associate the public upholding of it as primitive or colloquial, you'll allow others to usurp it and gain the cultural capital from it. Isn't this the common complaint of the global African? When we do it its ghetto or primitive and when they do it, its celebrated and sold at a premium.

"Central Park Karen" Amy Cooper called the cops on Christain Cooper (no relation) an innocent African American to weaponise police against him. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill to make this a criminal act

What is the answer for Africans to solve the global phenomenon of Afriphobia without even fighting it? All of our battles are external and this is what consistently leads to our brain drain figuratively and literally. Our solutions are internal and lie in the forward facing celebration of our cultural practices and observations, building of internal educational curriculums, economic institutions, medical manufacture and hospitals and global unified military and intelligence to protect it all.

Afriphobia thrives based on our lack of coordinated activity to counter it by serving ourselves and we do have the ability to serve ourselves across every single industry that we consume from and this is where the reverse brain drain must take place because our brightest and best minds serve corporations that don't belong to us where we are put on a pedestal to keep us engaged that has a glass ceiling that doesn't become apparent until we reach it.

This is where we are today, in a place where many of us who envisaged we were doing well and had made it in the corporate world, yet were spiritually interrupted by the US law enforcement who publicly lynched George Floyd by kneeling on his legs, back and wind pipe for eight minutes and forty six seconds, whilst another officer nonchalantly faced bystanders with the threat of lethal force. The fact that this clearly public emasculation of the African American man didn't draw universal empathy from all ethnicities has finally woken up most global Africans to our shared plight under the now well established and weapon of Afriphobia.

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