Let Brother Dougie's life serve as inspiration to enter a new collectively supportive consciousness

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Our inspirational Brother Dougie, who transcended today

We are presented with many conflicting messages in the global event of COVID-19, which has effectively shut down the entire planet restricting freedom of movement and our ability to escape the corners of our minds with distraction.

Instead we are house bound for the most part and in the company of our partners and families or isolated by ourselves. Within this time we are barraged with new information from world governments, conspiracy theorists and experts from health and technology backgrounds who all appear to be offering conflicting information when what we need globally is clarity and a consistent and factual message.

Its for this reason that we need to go inside and become more self aware than we've ever been, a time where we need to engage in spirit conversation to establish or re establish our spiritual and family values and be guided by them as a house hold and as a community. The values that served us and manifested in us looking out for our neighbours and their children, who interact with us and our children.

The cultural banking that enabled us to purchase homes without bank loans through pardnors, based on the shared values of a community that had the clarity to realise that we can rely on eachother without fear of a hidden agenda. A common need served by common solutions of cooperative practice and love.

Tottenham community activist Stafford Scotts public meeting that lead to the erasing of 400 young peoples names from the police Gangs Matrix

Love of community and of ourselves, where we desire for our community what we desire for ourselves. Values that we practiced before we fell victim to the post modernist grip of individuality and material lust for the sake of material lust. Yet within the rise of the individual and the clammer for material lust and greed Brothers like Brother Dougie still emerged and made their impact on communities across the country and across the world.

What are the influences that inspire men and women to not only manage and nurture their own house holds but also care and look out for their communities. How do we bottle an effective leadership programme to produce community activists like Brother Dougie who always seem to be present when community challenges arise, when a voice of community cohesion is always required.

How do we take the benefits from the isolation from Western values and continue to harness them when this global event ends and we return to life as "normal"? The answer is we prepare for it, we go inside from now, we listen to the virtuous voices now be they online or right next to us. Fire (like the great fire of London 1666) burns to cure and our society before this global virus was on a downward spiral against the values of humanity.

Mindless violence has plagued our children who are executing eachother for no other reason than to see the body fall, we are polluting at a rate that is poisoning us and our planet, our pursuit of material gain has rendered human life and even the lives of our children to nothing. It has to stop and has been temporarily halted by this global event, the problem is the values of man haven't shifted fully with the event which has come to shift our global consciousness.

Brother Dougie speaking at the Access UK African youth conference on February 15 2020

Let those with eyes to see and those with ears to hear be accountable and align in order to provide collective influence and sew ourselves throughout our community as Brother Dougie did. Not separated by generation but by values and ethics. Let those who correct their path, which is demonstrable through their actions align and collaborate in their field to produce joint venture solution to serve African Diasporan people.

All life is important and when some pass we are commanded to acknowledge the value of their contribution, based on the intentions that were followed through. Brother Dougie was one of those lights and he should serve as reference to where we should be headed. Community minded events and communication platforms like radio that inform us for our benefit and notify us of those who are working towards our sovereign self determination.

Take this opportunity to go inward yourself and as a family to return to the values that served us socially and economically as a community, because that is the only way we as a people will make ourselves a protected group. Nobody else has any intention of enabling the African Daispora in any county to be any freer or more self determined than we are now.

The responsibility lies solely with us and the demonstration of our intention will be the only thing that delivers us the sovereign self determination we pay rhetoric to from our prophet and teacher Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Let us be inspired to action and a conscious shift to community value service by our beloved Brother Dougie.

"Rest in eternal guided power Brother Dougie"

By Dean Okai Snr

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