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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

ADPAC CIC distance learning delivery partner Knowledge Finder CEO Eli Mcpherson

Knowledge Finder fills a powerful gap in the ADPAC CIC repertoire by providing an African/Caribbean distance learning platform. Knowledge Finder is now our remote learning platform to deliver elements of the Schools to Industry Pipeline for youth engagement and training the trainer material.

We are also using Knowledge Finder for our internal staff training, political candidate training and contract delivery partner training. We make this possible with our media production partner HMPTV, who provide high production value video content.

Knowledge-finder is an educational media platform filling the gap between formal education and self-learning for the African/Caribbean community. They aim to become the number one authoritative source of information for African/Caribbean knowledge seekers. The Knowledge finder platform was created to make empowering information accessible to those whose circumstances make formal education a challenge.

Knowledge Finder CEO and tech entrepreneur Eli Mcpherson

Eli Mcpherson is an experienced IT consultant specialising in DevOps and cloud security. He founded an IT consultancy called Service Me IT, which provides services to some of the world's most prestigious companies. Rising through the ranks in the corporate world as a African/Caribbean man he noticed how invisible many careers were to the young people within our community. To address this issue, he created Knowledge Finder to close the gaps between formal education and self-learning for the African/Caribbean community.

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With this partnership we are able to highlight entrepreneurial role models, advocates and successful professions to give insights about how they've accomplished what they have but it's our ability to deliver remote learning across economics, education, employment, health, housing, politics, justice, trade and industry and media. It's this ability that will exponetially enable us to create a generation of effective executive leadership.

The partnership between Knowledge Finder and ADPAC CIC will also enable us in our corporate delivery of being able to hold corporate sector seminars and master classes that directly appeal to our readily primed market. Based on the ongoing corporate conversations we're having with those recruiting African/Caribbean specific youth, mid level and top level executive, we're able to aggregate the targeted cohorts acting as outreach and deliver the required participants for a win, win outcome.

ADPAC CIC is actively seeking trainer delivery partners across the board to deliver distance learning programs recorded at our studios as part of our entrepreneurial, civic and social and Schools to Industry Pipeline delivery. Interested delivery partners should sign up with an expression of interest by leaving your contact details and desired training curriculum here:

Click on the above logo to find out more about Knowledge Finder

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