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Is global legislation introduced based on COVID-19 protocols effectively issuing in a police state?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Netflix movie code 8 perfectly demonstrates what a police state using high tech looks like and the implications it would have for the African Diaspora

Capitalism forgives all ills except resistance to conformity, this is why Chavez, Castro, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Sankara, Gadaffi and Mugabe amongst many more were made villains by the West for resisting occupation. The great whore of Babylon has ridden triumphant and virtually unchallenged as she's sent in her financial hit men and covert assassins.

It is a tricky and evolving beast with an almost limitless budget for the initiatives it considers a priority. The growth of use tech in to defence of capitalism has become the number one tool in rescinding our liberties and surveilling our movement and communication. We are willing and collaborative citizens in offering up all of our details to serve our own vanity.

The AI employed has tracked and quantified us through our habits and patterns, making it aware of our passions, politics and predilections (all confessed freely in the name of connecting to people we don't know). This has made fertile ground for data gathering, the selling of detailed personal data and the manipulations from having this kind of in-depth and personal information about us.

This would have played on very few of our minds before the COVID-19 shut down, however very few of us were aware to the degree that technology was being used in China to empower it to establish a completely automated totalitarian police state. There were warnings, but until now they would have sounded like the stuff of science fiction.

BBC News reporting that Whats App will now censor posts

Now we are waiting for the police state apparatus to land on us. China has successfully established a 5G infrastructure that allows them to use citizens personal devices to track and listen to them and collect data on them for the state who issue social points based on conformity (did anyone else see that episode of Black Mirrors?). No longer science fiction but science fact.

The Chinese state very successfully used the tracking of personal digital devices during its own COVID-19 protocols to inform citizens through their phones that they may have come into contact with infected people (due to the GPS tracking of their devices) and that they should go home and self isolate for 14 days. Citizen's movement would be alerted by their phones which would communicate with facial recognition CCTV and alert authorities as to their whereabouts and identity.

Through the adoption of WeChat, the Chinese Whats App which also carries a digital wallet circumventing all necessity for cash has Chinese citizens tracked from their waking moment until they return to sleep. This is why Face Books crypto currency Libra was looked at as a security and civil liberties threat based on their previous data abuses and their collusion with firms such as Cambridge Analytica.

This unexamined free reign that tech companies with no moral compass was a threat to our civil liberties and socalled democracy itself. However like China, world governments have now seen how they can use these companies to their advantage and there is full state collusion between Microsoft, Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, Whats App, Android, Apple and Google. Our digital identity no longer belongs to us, there is no accountability and no recourse of action to address any perceived breach of rights.

Police drone carrying android assasins in the Netflix movie Code 8

All of these issues were coming to our attention before the COVID-19 global lockdown, but now it's all we talk about and those with eyes to see and ears to hear are aware that an alarming amount of influencers are being de-plat formed day and date by all of the aforementioned companies. This is power and the algorithm has figured out that character assassination is far more powerful that physical assassination and leaves no martyrs.

In this period of de-platforming which we are getting used to and not challenging, voices of descent are being silenced and this is why it is dangerous. The best thing any law abiding and contributory citizen can do is challenge their government. We know governments lie, they lie frequently and they lie big. We know this based on the freedom of information act (where 20 years after the fact we'll find out our government invaded a country to acquisition oil under the guise of seeking weapons of mass destruction).

We are now four weeks into COVID-19 lock down protocols in which new emergency legislation was rushed through giving police unlimited powers (that will last for a minimum of two years) that will possibly not be rescinded. At the same time the telecommunications companies have been working veraciously to install G5 antennas and junction boxes. What many of us aren't aware of as one day merges into the next is that at the same time hundreds of police drones are being tested in the early hours of the morning globally day and date away from prying eyes.

Not only were these police drones on standby all over the world but the telecommunication companies who have been collaborating covertly with governments are now outright censoring any voices in opposition to their official stories (which evolve incidentally). Now can we still say that we live in a democracy and have our sovereign democratic rights? Isn't that why British citizens voted out of Europe to get British sovereign rights back?

British police drone operator

It will come as no surprise to any African Diasporan British citizens that the first person these new emergency powers were used on was a black lady by the name of Marie Dinou, 41 charged with "loitering" at a train station whilst waiting for a train on her way to work. They arrested her for ticket fraud and for allegedly breaching the new Coronavirus Act. Two days later she appeared in court and pleaded her innocence, but was found guilty. Ms Dinou, from York, was fined £85 for ticket fraud and £660 for breaking the new regulations on leaving home without a reasonable excuse.

Following a joint review between the British Transport Police (BTP) and the Crown Prosecution Service, her conviction has been set aside but what would have happened if it wasn't. What course of action could she have taken and who would be accountable? This is the vulnerable position we find ourselves in the UK or any other country we find ourselves as the African Diaspora.

There were stark parallels in the Netflix movie Code 8, where a police state that categorised super power enabled humans as criminal for using their given powers in the course of employment (without a fee license) which created an underclass that we can very much relate to as a people and which we are very much aware gives birth to a criminal class left with few viable legitimate options.

Similar licenses were required in 16 states who still force African hair braiders to go through onerous, time-consuming cosmetology training programs. Getting a cosmetology license takes between 1,000 and 2,100 hours to complete and costs thousands of dollars, in spite of the fact that African hair braiding is a natural process of caring for hair that does not require scissors, heat, or chemicals.

Android police assasins from the Netflix movie Cdoe 8

Code 8 remains a stark warning as to the technological powers the state have and their ability to use them in this time with police state powers granted through the Coronavirus Act. This is a time like no other in recent memory that the African Diaspora must connect our global institutions in order to protect our global sovereignty through economic and communications security but also establish our own courts for repertory justice with the ability to charge and sentence those who violate our inalienable human rights.

By Dean Okai Snr

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