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How do African Diaporan people create economic security in an approaching cashless society?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Daymond John, Creator & CEO of FUBU (Left) and Founder & CEO of Sable Assent Coin Corporation Daryl Speaks (right) at the 2019 Global Wealth Summit.

Since the inception of the global monetary system, the continent of Africa and the global African Diaspora have been reliant on the Rothschild's SWIFT central banking system. The problem with this system is that neither any country in Africa nor any African has any control over the value of their currency. This is a huge national security problem for many reasons, not least that it leaves a nation with no sovereign capability.

In order for a nation to be fully sovereign, that nation must control the value of its currency, without this power a nation has no capability to determine its own destiny. The Western intelligence services, including the CIA, MI6 and Mossad have traditionally either used economic hit men or failing the crash of economies direct state sponsored assassins to relpace leadership regimes with puppets.

When the African Union can use an economic vehicle to provide the global freedom of money movement throughout the diaspora, it not only empower the continent but the entire African Diaspora. Currently the Rothschild's SWIFT system controls global money movement and has the ability to stall or freeze funds with no reasoning or accountability. This is the reason that the entire global African Diaspora must have a digital currency that we control in the digital age in order for us to create African sovereignty and make Africans a globally protected group.

No Wakanda will ever be possible without an African crypto coin that has no reliance on any Western activity and can be tokenised with rich African natural resource assets, which inturn will negate the necessity for foreign companies to take advantage of our land. Our own crypto coin will also enable us to increase intra African trade and this will enable the entire African Diaspora and enable any commercially minded Diasporan to become commercial agents along with counterparts on the continent.

Introduction by Dean Okai Snr

Winners of the African Banker Awards 2019

SableAssent Cryptocurrency:

Regardless of what anyone says, cryptocurrency is the monetary wave of the future that is currently presenting us with worldwide consumer possibilities. Speaking of worldwide, did you know that there is a cryptocurrency that's dedicated to the financial prosperity of the African Diasporan community?

It's called SableAssent "A decentralized global Black ecosystem with resources for consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our intention is to rebuild the world’s Black Economy to eliminate poverty." - SableAssent.  There are a plethora of cryptocurrencies currently in the rat race to become the best and most prominent digital form of money; but SableAssent Coin Corporation has already won.

How? Because of their target audience: African Diasporans commonly known as "Black" people; and the global African Diasporan community has substantial financial power. A report by the expert information company, Nielsen Global Connect, places African American spending at 1.2 trillion dollars per year.

With this same money that begins circulating within six hours of it being attained, SableAssent provides a profitable environment to create even more financial abundance for the entire global African Diaspora. The ultimate goal of SableAssent is to eradicate the African Diasporan economic system of poverty via enhanced resources for businesses, consumers, and non-profit organizations.

"... A currency to take pride in; a currency that they can call their own."

I spoke with the Founder and CEO, Daryl Speaks, and here's what he had to say about it:

"Our goal is to create a global ecosystem of consumers, black-owned businesses, and non-profits, to build a new digital economy." - Daryl Speaks

The Nation Members of the African Union

Sable Coin becomes available to the public in April 2020, you'll be able to earn, buy, sell, shop, trade, or donate to your favorite African Diasoran-owned business, and other partnered organizations.

"We also actively engage with African Diasporan communities and villages throughout the world that are seeking economic stability." - Daryl Speaks

Top 4 Exciting Advantages

1) It's rooted and focused in the exclusive global market of Aboriginals, black-owned business and non-profit organizations.

2) Deals, connections, and partnerships have already been made in Jamaica, Bahamas, Africa, Haiti, and United Kingdom; in addition to connecting with 150 million companies across six continents since launch in 2017.

3) It's already globally established , and it comes with a pre-paid debit card! So you'll be able to swipe away in 170 countries!

4) There will be an opportunity for SABLEASSENT to create a banking system that's backed by pegged gold and other commodities!


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