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Forde Report

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Martin Forde QC pictured, Chair of the Forde Report


The Forde Report has been released after numerous leaks that were only necessary because Kier Starmer and his cronies tried to suppress the independently compiled document from seeing the light of day. It appears the attempts to stifle the Forde Report were for good reason as it is damning on many levels.

There are various interests covered in the Forde Report and for the purposes of British African Diaspora socio-economic progress we will be focussing on how African, African-Caribbean & Mixed African origin people were affected and marginalised.

As the least structurally organised population of people in the country, we must draw clarity around the fact that we can't stand in front of every bullet fired. We are traditionally influenced by what ADPAC CIC will describe as horizontal issues (religion, sexuality, national background, class etc), when the main factor that makes us vulnerable in a structurally racist system is our ethnicity.

The British African, African-Caribbean & Mixed African origin population is 2,457,549

As a structurally unorganised population of 2,457,549, our leadership is obligated to align by ethnically aggregating in the same way that Asian leadership does {Bangladeshi, Pakistani & Indian} to seamlessly lobby and pressure government, local authority and their respective parties to structurally include them in all decision making that affects their respective communities.

We have so far negated to do this based on traditional divisions that weaken our collective interests. That being said, the Forde Report offers African & African-Caribbean Labour members a unique opportunity to not only ethnically aggregate but also to adopt a singularly beneficial narrative.

It was evidently demonstrated over the 2017-2020 period the disparity in Jewish Labour Movement influence as opposed to Black Labour Movement influence. The Jewish Labour Movement and Jewish friends of Labour are well establish, funded and organised, which makes for effective and dominant influence over party policy and actions taken against Labour members.

A very diverse looking "Black" Labour Left movement

The lay public aren't aware that Black doesn't actually represent any specific ethnicity but in the public means politically Black (anyone other than non-white heterosexual males). So being "Black" as opposed to being recognised by our specific ethnicity, being African & African-Caribbean puts us at a severe disadvantage in terms of our structural inclusion and influence compared to Jewish and Asian members of the party (or wider society).

Politically Black means non white, which covers a number of cultural, social and political issues that although are important, many of which are horizontal issues in the face of African & African-Caribbean specific issues such as the Windrush scandal created by Theresa May and Amber Rudd through Afriphobic policy and legislation.

Our capacity to deal with African & African-Caribbean specific issues within the confines of a politically Black landscape severely weakens our capacity to focus on structural Afriphobia, whilst all of those non African origin members have their own ethnic and interest specific groups to advocate through.

Community leaders with Labour MP & police to advocate on behalf of children over arrest procedures with specific regards to African & African-Caribbean youth


The 860 page Forde Report was originally supposed to be published by the last quarter of 2020. It was delayed because of legal challeges, was marred by leaks from Labour members and then repeatedly delayed.

There are still legal suits taking place based on the leaks of unredacted inflamatory whats app message leaks (this defies GDPR policy). Many allegations have been made at specific personnel, who have rebetted the allegations as baseless.

The report received over 1000 submissions abround serious legitimate concerns in the party's structure and culture. The inquiry looked at “the extent of racist, sexist and other discriminatory culture within Labour party workplaces, the attitudes and conduct of the senior staff of the Labour party, and their relationships with the elected leadership of the Labour party”.

During this period Kier Starmer was urged to take action against Diane Abbott over a Zoom call with members expelled in the anti-semetic row

Download the Line to Take - Forde Report:

Line to Take - Forde Report
Download PDF • 196KB

Download the Forde Report:

Download PDF • 3.48MB

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