The African Diaspora Region

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The African Diaspora Region is the sixth region of the African Union created specifically for the representation of the global diaspora .

Queen Diambi (Health Minister of the Diaspora Region) at an ADPAC organised meeting

With almost 350 million people, the African Diaspora is the THIRD COUNTRY in the world after China and India, but greater than The United States of America (323 million) Indonesia (258 million) and Brazil (205 million). Previously, it was unstructured, andonly had potential as an entity.

This is why the decision has been made to mobilize the energies of the Diaspora to officially launch the State of the African Diaspora: our Goal is to strengthen Africa through the Diaspora and the Diaspora through Africa.

The African Diaspora is derived from

two main waves of migration:

The first is related to the deportation of Africans in the context of the slave trade, whether it is the Eastern Trade (from the 7th to the beginning of the 20th century), or the Western Trade (from the 15th to the 19th century). The descendants of these populations are still living today in countries like Yemen or Iraq, or The United States of America and Brazil, for example.

Today, the power of the Diaspora is …

Demographic: It brings together almost 350 million inhabitants, making it potentially the third “country” of the world, after China and India, but greater than The United States of America (323 million), Indonesia (258 million) and Brazil (205 million).

Political: The Diaspora includes people like former US President Barack Obama, Michaelle Jean, the Secretary General of the Francophonie, Christiane Taubira, the former Minister of justice in France, and many others who have powerful positions, but these figures are disconnected from each other and have few direct connections to Africa.

Economic: The Diaspora sends to the Africa continent more money every year than is received in International aid, but these gifts to family or these 0% interest loans are dispersed and uncoordinated and have a limited impact in terms of development.

Cultural: The African Diaspora has imposed itself, whether in the field of music (gospel, dancehall, tango, jazz, blues, rock, disco, calypso, zouk, reggae, kompa, etc.), dance, literature, visual arts, cinema, etc., not to mention its successes in sports, like Pele, Mohammed Ali, Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Jordan, The Williams sisters etc.

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