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Delivering the Digital Economy to the African Diaspora

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The African Diaspora represents a 1.5 Billion market place

Only our mindset has held us back from developing at the same speed as the rest of the world and other ethnicities, it's the shifting of this mindset that will make us the most commercially powerful continent and diaspora on the planet. It was once the same for the Chinese and China when they were held ransom by Britain when opium was the downfall of the people that delivered up China as Britain's concubine.

Our continent of Africa currently remains the concubine of Britain, France, Belgium, Portugal and the United States. This is a position enabled by an elected governance that lack the leadership skills to serve the people of their nations so instead serve their own short sighted ambition and like cheap and fearful prostitutes serve the will of their pimps rather than the national interests of their countries.

However this is a tale of the old guard and out dated gate keepers, the revolution of the 21st century lies in delivering the technological tools that business requires to operate in a technologically driven knowledge based economy. What Africa and the African diaspora actually require is parity of technology that actually enables us to establish self determination.

This can't be done when we rely on anyone else's fiat currency, digital operating systems, banking cloud and proprietary systems or communication and social media platforms all of which can be manipulated with a line of code to create social and wealth transition from Africa and Africans towards them. What the digital revolution will provide via our adoption of our own digital tools is sovereignty.

Delivering the Digital Economy to the African Diaspora Live Cast panel

Africa has the richest land mass on earth, which is filled with the resources that the entire planet depends on. We have all of this wealth without being able to capitalise on the liquidity of that wealth because we lack the infrastructure. We are still dependent on the outdated SWIFT system when Africans are key Java architects working on banking cloud systems that will become the future of modern banking. We also have our own crypto coin on its own Blockchain that should be fuelling the liquidity of our natural resources.

The industrial revolution passed Africa by because Africa was not a producer but merely a consumer in the industrial revolution. However the African Diaspora has been highly instrumental in the architecture of the digital revolution and continues to be at the forefront of algorithm design for the biggest social media networks on earth. What is our stake within those companies and how do they serve to empower us?

The rhetorical answer is we don't have any stake in those companies or any control over the policy to censor our freedom of speech, which in turn threatens our communication security. We must take the security threat of not having a social media influence very seriously, which is why China resisted all US social media and proprietary mobile device operating systems. The Netflix Cambridge Analytica documentary gave us a small insight into the manipulation possible to effect national elections and the proliferation of fake news.

What is the answer to these digital threats in an age of digital identity adoption? The answer lies in closing our digital borders and this provides massive opportunities for African Diaspora companies who can provide alternatives for every single platform and application that is currently provided externally and exploiting the population which is our market place (1.5 Billion market place).

Netflix Cambridge Analytica documentary clip about election manipulation via propaganda

The commercial opportunities are numerous from tech universities who work with companies, to the employment of coders and python architects, handset and PDA manufacturers, social media companies, open API applications, cloud based storage for media, banking and records, communication applications and security applications. All of this market place is wide open for the African Diaspora to establish for a global 1.5 Billion market place and Huawei have demonstrated the blue print.

We are now breaking down the market sectors and can identify venture capitalists as delivery partners to raise finance for the delivery of all of these areas by African Diasporan lead companies to serve the African Diaspora market place. Loyalty to domestic provision and products is a new concept for the African Diaspora based on the fact that the colonial education system remains on the continent and is widely delivered to the diaspora by the nature of the countries that we reside.

Educational platforms and a curriculum that serves them must also be established to break the hold Europeans have traditionally had on the African psyche. We have an existing curriculum created by Kay Johnston in the Diamond Enterprise curriculum and the Ultrapreneur Mobile App created by Julian Hall CEO of Ultra Kids. We must employ these solutions in order to create a psychological shift that will lead our continent and diaspora to think in a sovereign way as people who desire to defend the assets within our land.

The eco system we are required to establish is immense and at the same time not insurmountable based on the expertise and under resourced applications we already have. What is missing is the vision and the will, which is the entire reason our continent experiences the brain drain every time we produce a genius who goes on to produce innovative game changing tech for someone else. Iddris Sandu is one such example, who is now forging partnerships with US tech companies and producing ground breaking algorithms and applications for Twitter, Face Book and Instagram.

The Global 1.5 Billion African Diaspora market place

We have global expertise in a number of nations and several organisations facilitating relationships between commercial interests and those on the ground who can expedite delivery. The African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) set up by Dr Arikana Chihombbori-Quao to gather international diaspora expertise together in order to facilitate the development of our continent. The State of the African Diaspora Council are also establishing strong infrastructures for the diaspora to be able to engage with the continent and have an economic conversation.

It's now a pivotal time to establish our own Blockchain based central reserve that provides for the African continent and can create liquidity from the natural assets in African soil purely based on geological studies. There is no reason for any African Diasoran either on the continent or anywhere else to be reliant on debt based fiat currency provided at extortionate rates when we have the source wealth that can perfectly well underwrite every transaction of any size.

The creative and innovative minds necessary to deliver the digital revolution to the continent don't require the permission of anyone other than the African consumer to engage directly and provide necessary services. We have given breath to the same rhetoric for a century, since Nkruma and colleagues sat at the international Pan African conference to create a United States of Africa based on African interests. This was betrayed and will continue to be betrayed by those with a European lens gained from an indoctrination where the programming is fully complete.

We require a new thinking and a new global Pan African leadership, which is as entrepreneurial as it is philanthropic. When the Berlin conference took place it was about how Africa should be carved up to create European profits at the expense of sovereign African people. Our conference must be to establish the repair of our continent and the instillation of sustainable cities with clean energy to create a high quality of life for African citizens.

By Dean Okai Snr

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