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Certified Black Business Group

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Certified Black Business Group and the African/Caribbean kitemark

The Certified Black Business Group is an ADPAC CIC Economic Reconstruction partner in establishing the ecosystem that will enable us as African/Caribbeans to retain our capital and reinvest it back into our civic growth. CBBG is the African/Caribbean kitemark created to provide authentication of African/Caribbean ownership.

Just like many other kitemarks produced to enable ethical decision-making, CBBG created our kitemark to retain African/Caribbean capital within our community to better harness our spending power. This falls right in line with ADPAC CIC agenda to coordinate the African/Caribbean economic reconstruction and add value to the lives of African/Caribbean families.

CBBG has created an easily recognisable brand that will enable our consumer population to easily identify African/Caribbean produced and owned goods and services to circumvent other communities usurping our capital under false pretenses.

CBBG recently featured in our "Think like us" campaign that incorporated in-sorcing partner branding to demonstrate solidarity

It is critical that we establish an economic eco-system that will enable the British African/Caribbean population to underwrite our civic entities in order to circumvent the affects of institutional racism by supporting our own political, educational and advocacy organisations to better serve our social interests.

Along with initiatives like Black Pound Day, CBBG aggregates African/Caribbean owned businesses nationally and signposts them enabling consumers to intentionally source and consume our own products and services to build the economic robustness of our community, which will in turn, create economic parity with all other ethnicities.

By aggregating our businesses and understanding what they generate, we'll also gain a more accurate picture of what we are worth to the UK GDP. As a national organisation CBBG will work with national supermarkets and retailers to position member client's goods to create greater consumer awareness and accessibility.

Click on the above logo to find out more about membership to CBBG

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