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Black Card Lottery & economically underwriting our civic institutions

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The Black Card Lottery plays an important philanthropic role within the African/Caribbean community by underwriting our civic organisation as they grow

The African/Caribbean population in Britain has suffered a lack of self-determined organisation, which has hindered us from forming what we can genuinely call a community. The last 12 months have seen our visionary leadership establish Black Pound Day, Kwanda, Black Business Network, We Matter Party and a number of initiatives to steer economic and civic organisation to the many disparate grassroots organisations that are still largely working in silos.

Like the National Lottery, added to this matrix of infrastructure solution providers is the Black Card Lottery, which as they grow will make an increasingly philanthropic contribution to African/Caribbean civic sectors that include education and youth engagement, trade and industry, well being and the arts.

The Black Card Lottery is a subscription-based lottery at £10 per month, players can win cash prizes with a minimum of 35% of sales going back to support African/Caribbean charities across the UK. A community-focused way to raise funds for African/Caribbean civic providers to improve services that enable African/Caribbean families.

Sign up for the Black Card Lottery here

The National Lottery has shown us the power of taking the proceeds of gambling and submitting a contribution of profits towards good causes. Our community are now taking advantage of this opportunity by employing the same principles and will grow as we scale.

The important thing is that we adopt the subscription-based Black Card Lottery with the same energy that we did the National Lottery, knowing that we are directly financially contributing to our own civic infrastructures through philanthropy to create parity with every other ethnic group in Britain.

The aim of ADPAC CIC working with delivery partners on our economic reconstruction is to best coordinate our activity using most effective practice, twenty-first-century project management and communication tools to make an effective impact that directly improves socio-economic mobility that African/Caribbean families can recognise and identify.

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