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Ancestral Voices African spirituality physical and digital home study course

African spiritual principles are the underlying backbone of ADPAC CIC, these values are the one consistent that connect African people globally. Our spirituality is the one thing that others have tapped into to mentally enslave us over the course of 500 years.

As African people we have been the subjects of the European 500 year "Black" experiment, which has served others as we have remained so heavily indoctrinated that we ourselves fight to defend our own containment. The more programmed we are as Africans, the more Europeans trust us with their programs.

We may often ask ourselves how those of us granted senior positions in government and corporations can advocate for interests that are diametrically opposed to our collective wellbeing. What we don't take into account is the decades of indoctrination and spiritual capitulation to Western occultist ceremonies cloaked in Christianity.

The 500 year "Black" experiment has bound us to a spell that trains us to understand self determination as being "too Black", when a cognitive understanding of our African ethnicity would never allow this spell to take hold. For this reason African spirituality is a way of life that enables Africans to thrive.

Ancestral Voices has taken the time to compile global African spirituality practitioners accounts of our history, our science and our correct practice to govern our lives successfully. From connecting with our ancestors who desire to guide us to cleaning spaces and protection from adverse energy.

We are the power we are seeking and the solutions come from within by going within. Our comprehension is limited by language and the correlating pictures we create in our minds. This is why it's so important to co-opt our minds from an early age in an education system that contains and reduces our spirit.

Don't we all admire passionate people for how easy they seem to achieve things so effortlessly?

If you've been around such people then you would have even 'felt' this passion yourself too, why? What we generally call 'passion' is an energy, like a force (ase) and the higher you can cultivate it, the more your physical world reflects as success.

The shame is our current educational systems only teach that 'passion' and other such phenomena are mere emotions that can only be felt, not a force capable of being molded directed and manifested in a physical form, but those familiar with the

Multiple Conceptions of the Self in African Cosmology

To aid the majority better grasp these concepts deeper and easier, we designed 'The Transformative Self' course by correlating findings in Western Quantum Science with African Cosmological principles, so the overlaps and commonalities are made clear.

This was necessary to make the concepts easily discernible as many of us, through the schooling and socialisation experience can understand that easier, rather than the colourful metaphors and textured symbolisms that abound in the African explanations.

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A unique home learning experience that contains a range of educational resources that covers the gamut of African spiritual cosmologies, philosophies and practices. It is the result of over 7 years of dedicated and rigorous research involving literature reviews, video interviews with traditional healers, spiritual workers and academic scholars with travels to various locations across the globe such as Ghana, South Africa, Haiti (Ayiti), Egypt, Brazil and the United States.

The aim of Ancestral Voices is to dispel the falsehoods propagated against these systems via colonial imposition and whose legacy still impacts it today, shrouding it in much mystique, fear and negativity and rather present its ideologies in an accurate and objective light.

The package includes:

Ancestral Voices 1: Esoteric African Knowledge (documentary digital stream)

Ancestral Voices 2: Spirit is Eternal (documentary digital stream)

Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal (Book PDF)

Extra Bonus items:

Rituals for Living (Short film digital stream)

Rituals E-booklet (PDF containing useful rituals for self-development)