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An Afriphobic Conservative government must pay Windrush plaintiffs through joint civil litigation

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

ADPAC is now working with key Windrush groups and legal professionals to compile a legal case against the UK government

Home Secretary Priti Patel formally apologising for the hostile environment created by the Conservative government against the Windrush generation who rebuilt Britain and were victims of state Afriphobic Terrorism.

In the midst of public panic over COVID-19 Home Secretary Priti Patel formally apologised over the debacle of injustice metered out against the Windrush generation in what should have been the 70th anniversary celebration of them arriving in the UK. Instead those who have best served this nation were kidnapped, stripped of their rights and financial benefits and in many cases deported to an Island where they had no financial interests or family support system.

Some of these victims even died after being deported illegally and instead of acknowledging very quickly that the government had made a mistake, they instead chose to illegally destroy victims records of citizenship in an attempt to cover up their crimes further.

To date the government have called all of the shots with regards to Windrush victims compensation, which is insane when you think about the nature of any defendant being able to decide when, where and how victims are going to be compensated and how much by way of cap.

Haringey MP David Lammy making an impassioned indictment of the Conservative government Afriphobic "hostile environment" policy

It is totally unheard of that any defendant gets to decide when, where and how justice is received by victims of a crime and this is where the conflict of interest lies. True justice can only be had by employing a private joint civil litigation on behalf of the Windrush plaintiffs against the government (defendant) who must now remunerate the victims for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, property and human rights abuses.

We are not black people, nor stateless we are African Diasporans and make a great financial and civic contribution to the United Kingdom which has never been properly acknowledged or respected by the state who invited us in their greatest hour of need. It is time in 2020 not only that we are recognised but also paid reparations for the many colonial abuses we've received as a people.

Haringey MP David Lammy on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Windrush victim Anthony Bryan

This will start by holding the current government fully accountable for their sinister and illegal actions around the hostile environment that witnessed the steady rise of Afriphobia that not only dehumanised us but made us the most vulnerable ethnic group in the country at the mercy of a government comfortable to use facist tactics through institutional racism.

The Windrush lessons learned review was a damning indictment of the hostile environment created against African Caribbean's by the Conservative government and will be evidence in what will inevitibly be a successful joint civil litigation against an openly Afriphobic government.

By Dean Okai Snr

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