An Afriphobic Conservative government must pay Windrush plaintiffs through joint civil litigation

Updated: Apr 3

ADPAC is now working with key Windrush groups and legal professionals to compile a legal case against the UK government

Home Secretary Priti Patel formally apologising for the hostile environment created by the Conservative government against the Windrush generation who rebuilt Britain and were victims of state Afriphobic Terrorism.

In the midst of public panic over COVID-19 Home Secretary Priti Patel formally apologised over the debacle of injustice metered out against the Windrush generation in what should have been the 70th anniversary celebration of them arriving in the UK. Instead those who have best served this nation were kidnapped, stripped of their rights and financial benefits and in many cases deported to an Island where they had no financial interests or family support system.

Some of these victims even died after being deported illegally and instead of acknowledging very quickly that the government had made a mistake, they instead chose to illegally destroy victims records of citizenship in an attempt to cover up their crimes further.

To date the government have called all of the shots with regards to Windrush victims compensation, which is insane when you think about the nature of any defendant being able to decide when, where and how victims are going to be compensated and how much by way of cap.