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African Student Union membership

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

ADPAC CIC are now inviting ACS members to join our ASU Forums

We are most politically passionate and active when we are in university and African Student Union members are some of the most politically driven students on university campuses. ADPAC CIC are opening our doors for a mass on-boarding of ACS members to collectively empower you and establish an effective layer of generational leadership.

ADPAC CIC seeks to grow effective African/Caribbean leadership across sectors, including economics, education, employment, health, housing, politics, trade and industry and media. We've established a fertile environment for our young people to enter a network specifically created to advance our interests.

We have created ASU forums across all of our sectors to take on young ideas to inform the direction of our organisation. A nation can only evolve to benefit all by listening to all and since our youth will inherit the world we create today, you should be involved in the policy creation that we turn into practice tomorrow.

Click the link above to join the ADPAC ASU Forum

We're seeking to create youth forums that contain a diverse range of expertise and experience by amalgamating the talents of African/Caribbean Society members from cities around the country. Your combined efforts will establish solutions that empower you as a generation and establish opportunities for global trade, civic activity and systematic Pan African connectivity.

We have specific monthly events to provide peer engagement through debate, expert panels, fire side talks and documentary screenings. ADPAC CIC has partnered with a number of delivery partners nationally to deliver the initiatives that will empower our ACS membership to hold well organised events, connect with global peers and establish policy that you can turn into practice.

These forums will exponentially grow career opportunities and provide practical experience that will prove invaluable. We will provide shadowing opportunities with political parties, within lobbying, justice and advocacy organisations, corporate fast track programs and international exchanges. ADPAC CIC is a fully integrated civic and social organisation established to specifically raise the socio-economic mobility of the African Diaspora and create trade relationships and cohesion between territories.

ADPAC CIC ASU Forum roles and departments

ASU Forums
Download PDF • 1.26MB

Download the ASU Forums PDF above

Tell us a little about you and what specific forum captures your imagination here:

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