African/Caribbean National Census 2021 project delivery

Updated: Apr 3

August African/Caribbean National Census 2021

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee (ADPAC) is conducting an African/Caribbean national census as part of the African Diaspora economic reconstruction. The purpose of the census is to quantify what we are worth to ourselves as a population and also what we are worth to the socio economic fabric of the United Kingdom.

Once we have accurately quantified exactly our dimensions within the UK, we will apply the findings to improving our socio economic position by lobbying, asserting what we are entitled to, applying our voter influence, asserting our contribution to the national GDP, using data to make the business case when applying for national institution licenses that exclusively benefit the British African/Caribbean population.

Our ability as a community to access accurate and up to date data is detrimental to our ability to establish parity within society with the dominant culture. At the present moment we are entirely dependent on the dominant culture for civic organisation, social welfare, data and statistics, education, financial services and many other infrastructures that we are capable of establishing for ourselves that will enable us to circumvent experiencing the effects of institutional racism.

Project delivery milestone stages for delivery from fundraising to execution

The milestones above layout the delivery components of delivering an African/Caribbean national census. The first stage is fundraising that once started will be concurrent with purchasing the digital tools for data collection, preparation with delivery partners (the Equal Group - data analytic consultants), (Afrinomica - statistical and economic modelling consultants), campaign design, awareness campaign and on-boarding of volunteers.

What type of volunteers are we looking for?

This project requires a matrix of delivery partners from brand ambassadors to share our media across their platforms (influence), creative's (graphic design and video production) to create marketing materials for the national campaign, influencers (well known public personalities to contribute to our short form media #WeMatter campaign), social media coordinators, media delivery partners (including podcast, radio, TV and print), outdoor agency partnership, generational communication design partners and web tech/creative's (SEO, strategic positioning, marketing strategist).

Over the course of 8 months we'll coordinate the various aspects of project delivery to execute the first national African/Caribbean census to empower our understanding of business intelligence, lobbying power, election influence, educational entitlement, business capacity and contribution to the GDP, employment by sector and taxable contribution. Our data must now benefit us and we do this by contributing to our own institutions that have the intention of empowering us as opposed to containing us.

To volunteer your expertise and partner with the African/Caribbean national census 2021 email: Ref: AC Census 2021

Please share the link for donations on your social media: donation link

African Caribbean National Census Projec
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