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#ADPAC Recommendations for dealing with COVOD-19

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Below is a non-exhaustive shortlist of actions I believe African peoples should take in counter-response to some of the PHE guidance, please feel free to add to it when you publish your document, a copy of which would be appreciated.

· Remember, the Corona Virus is being presented as a virulent form of the flu. If you experience flu-like symptoms, self isolate along with your family at home, do not trust state-sponsored healthcare personnel to diagnose you, as an African accurately. Unless your symptoms feel life-threatening stay at home, the likelihood is that your flu-like symptoms will eventually pass as is the case with normal flu.

· It is sensible to stockpile food, water, medical supplies and all obvious essentials which, as aware Africans, we should be doing anyway. However, please resist the urge to panic buy, this is something that is being driven by the state-sponsored media and is merely part of their subterfuge.

· Formulate an emergency plan for you and your family, think about where you might go to seek safety and refuge in the event of a catastrophe. Establish an emergency fund that will sustain you and your family for at least 4-6 weeks, if you do not have a great deal of disposable income join with friends and family to establish a central pot of money. If you belong to a pardner now would be a good time to ask for your hand. Please do not completely ignore Public Health England and Governmental advice concerning coronavirus, there are aspects of their guidance that is common sense and should be adhered to.

· As Africans however, behind enemy lines facing genocide and extinction on normal days, we should err on the side of caution and be hyper-vigilant. Prepare a plan whereby you can home school your children, join with other like-minded parents/ brothers and sisters to think about ways this can be achieved even if you and your family are self-quarantined.

· Join or follow an organisation that is focussed on the socio-economic, physical, mental and spiritual protection of African peoples. Rely on them for advice, guidance and updates regarding the virus, it's time we started to trust each other. Offer your services to other African families and your community be it professional or otherwise, whether that is through your church, mosque, temple or community leadership/organisation, start to think as a collective.

Form prayer, meditation and chant groups depending on your spiritual beliefs or denomination, gather at 6 am 12 pm and 6 pm for 15-30 minutes of collective focus, asking for healing, protection and victory. This can be achieved via phone, skype, group video call etc. We all get a lunch hour at work, we can all rise that bit earlier and most of us are on our way home by 6 pm, it is achievable with faith and focus.

Author: Afua Rose

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