ADPAC Providing Leadership Succession Training

Updated: Mar 29

ADPAC Manage Leadership Programme

The African Diaspora community can recite the names of exceptional leaders who made an impact on generations beyond their life time, however many of our leaders were targeted by European clandestine regimes and either physically or character assassinated , which resulted in the same void in our community.

ADPAC has for this reason designed a leadership succession plan to train young leaders within groups that create an alumni who can rely on eachother for their various expertise. What the training does is enable them to work as a unit and specifically take advantage of eachothers respective skills and experience through sweat equity.

The Manage Leadership Programme is designed to enable young men specifically as a community of rounded leadership with entrepreneurial, community advocacy and project management skills that serve the wider African Diaspora. Our intention is to create a generation of young leadership who are peer mentors who create a ripple effect throughout their immediate community.

The Manage Leadership Programme is modular and scalable and can be delivered to young men at any of our chapters. ADPAC will also work with international partners and is working through our youth wing here with grassroots rites of passage organisations to create an international youth exchange hand in hand with the AU Diaspora Region Council, so that we establish formal routes of exchange for international peers.

ADPAC have partnered with Access UK to deliver the Manage Leadership programme to our first twenty cohorts who will be supported throughout the programme with mentors from various industries and after they complete the programme. Our intention is to repeat this simple but effective introduction programme that produces an alumni of peer support so that the African Diaspora community never again knows a time where we can't identify effective leadership.

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By Dean Okai Snr

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