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ADPAC - My Tribe Sankofa Day press conference

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Robin Walker (Black History Man) leading the ADPAC consortium address

Monday 24th February saw #ADPAC engage in our first advocacy campaign to demand resources from City Hall to hold Sankofa Day in Trafalgar Square. We will no longer tolerate Afriphobic economic practices as 2 million African Diasporan Londoners and will acquire our parity of resources based on the economic and civil contribution we as the African Diaspora make towards London.

Thankyou for your support in person, spirit and donation that enabled us to incorporate the African Diaspora Political Action Committee CIC and purchase the web hosting and domain.

We'll convene a board meeting over the next 10 days to formally assign all of the trustee and national leadership director positions. We are also carrying out an organisational skills audit to ascertain delivery partner coordination across Education, Economics, Health, Justice, Politics, Housing, Trade & Industry and Media. Again we thank everyone for your continued support and look forward to a new dawn for the British African Diaspora.

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