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ADPAC CIC Regional Chapters

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

ADPAC CIC Regional Chapters signposted services

ADPAC CIC Regional Chapters turn policy created by the national leadership into practice to deliver locally specifically for the African/Caribbean population of those boroughs and counties. Our purpose is to identify and more fairly share resources to mirror the ethnic makeup of the boroughs we're based in, signpost organisation services, coordinate grassroots, professional and advocacy services and provide monthly meetings that enable greater community cohesion.

Our overall objective is to become a regular fixture of the local authority strategic meeting to directly represent the interests of the African/Caribbean population. By being better organised and being able to specifically represent African/Caribbean socio-economic interests we will gain awareness of resources, initiatives and opportunities at source, which currently isn't the case.

Our ability to centrally organise and then locally deliver effective policy will make a huge difference to the average African/Caribbean citizens quality of life. We realise that only by creating self determined parity, based on our own structures able to acquire resources and deliver quality services directly to African/Caribbean beneficiaries will we be able to fully circumvent the effects of institutional racism.

ADPAC CIC Regional Chapter overview

ADPAC CIC Regional Chapters are modular and scalable with the intention of creating proofs of content in London and then duplicating in the counties nationally. The structures above enable African/Caribbean specific forums that protect and serve the interests of African/Caribbean constituents locally.

This gives us the political and economic organisation to become an effective economic block nationally. By aligning economic partners, political allies, grassroots organisations, professionals and advocates we able to influence local authority politics, schools, police engagement and all other public services. Our problem has lied in not being effectively organised to respond as an economic and political force when oppressed through institutional racism from the public sector.

ADPAC CIC Regional Chapters provide an integrated eco-system that align local movements with cross cutting themes to nationally coordinated activity that enables us to act as a fist. It's by connecting our collective resources that we'll be better placed to bring about legislation that benefits our interests. The Windrush Act and Jaden's Law are two such pieces of legislation that ADPAC CIC champion that will directly benefit African/Caribbeans.

Hot spots for intended Regional Chapters

ADPAC London Regional Chapter overview
Download PDF • 889KB

Download the ADPAC London Regional Chapter overview PDF

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