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The Future Leader program is designed to fully arm effective leadership skills in young adults to establish a generation of effective African and African/Caribbean civic and entrepreneurial leadership. The diverse toolbox employed throughout the training will arm the initiates with both soft and hard skills that enable them to sustain themselves, whilst concurrently serving.


The program includes project management, business acumen, banking, public speaking, broadcast skills, negotiation skills, sales and writing. The Future Leader initiative is open to candidates between 20-30 years old. We are seeking candidates with a little life experience who will fully comprehend and appreciate the nature and scope of the opportunity we're offering.

The diverse areas of leadership will be based on the initiates' personal ambitions for their career aspirations and encouraged by us through providing wrap-around support from our trainers and similarly placed mentors in order to offer a seamless pathway into their desired role.


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Who can apply?

Open to candidates 20-30 years old


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SHE 01.jpg

Shared Values

Our training and conferences encourage shared values that align the 2,457,549 African & African/Caribbean population

Shared Principles

The byproduct of those shared values is a new infusion of shared principles that can be adopted by our 2,457,549 population

Shared Practices

Those shared values and principles lead to shared cultural practices that enable us to quickly establish collective accomplishments

Shared Outcomes

It is inevitable that we will accomplish shared outcomes based on our adoption of common practices that enable us to pool our resources 

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