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Civic Solution Partnership

Turning policy into practice from consultation through initiatives design to delivery

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee CIC (ADPAC) is the national umbrella for the socio-economic interests of the British African origin population diaspora. We are a civic and social organisation that works on behalf of our members and wider diaspora, with central government, local authority, British institutions and our national network of African origin lead delivery partners.


At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we realised that the British African Diaspora was woefully unrepresented institutionally when one of our colleagues, who was consulting at the initial COBRA meeting informed us that every ethnic group had their national representation councils at the table except African/Caribbean's.


This told us that it was time to evolve our think tank into an institution with robust infrastructure to connect the wealth of national talent we had been communicating with for four years. This culminated in a number of Zoom meetings with personnel who would go on to become our national leadership and policy directors. Our role is to create policy by public consultation, recognising and providing solutions to solve real-world problems.


We designed the civic solution partnership model to locally coordinate culturally competent delivery partners across a number of sectors by working in partnership with local authorities to serve the African-African/Caribbean and mixed African origin population. Our desire is to create structural inclusion by providing well-coordinated quality services to our population to circumvent the effects of structural racism.


1 {Community Consultation}

Community consultation

We do this practically by holding frequent consultations with cohorts of the African/Caribbean population to hone in on specific challenges to gain real-time insights based on lived experience


2: {Analysis & Policy Forming}

Public Health Approach Analysis

Using the Public Health Approach, our consortiums analyse the results collected to create a report of recommendations and policy that informs modular and scalable initiatives


3: {Civic Solution Partnerships}

Local Authority & Public Sector Contract

ADPAC CIC takes the reports we create and inform grassroots delivery partners, local authorities and public sector institutions that come into contact with the African/Caribbean population. Through our Civic Solution Partnerships, we enable local authority Officers to present our initiatives to councilors in order to acquire contracts


Download PDF to find out more about the ADPAC Civic Solution Partnerships

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